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Posted by on Oct 9, 2013 in Biz/Tech, Featured, Gear, News | 0 comments

12 Facts about Mixed in Key’s New DJ Software

12 Facts about Mixed in Key’s New DJ Software

"We created our own DJ mixing software. It's amazing. Are you ready for the beta?"

“We created our own DJ mixing software. It’s amazing. Are you ready for the beta?”

Yesterday, Mixed in Key announced on its Facebook page that it will be releasing a new DJ software in the coming months.

We had the opportunity to create the most fun, most dynamic and exciting DJ software possible. We love our friends at Serato, Pioneer and other companies, but they have a legacy to maintain and they can’t change EVERYTHING. We aren’t looking to compete with them, we’re just looking to create another style of DJing. If you guys liked what Mixed In Key can do for you, wait until you try this app. -Yakov

Not much information was released, but a representative from Mixed in Key has been answering fan questions on the Facebook page. Here’s what we’ve gathered so far:

1- The software works perfectly with all standalone MIDI controllers but does not support CDJs….for now. “In the future, we fully plan to support all hardware available in the DJ booth.”

2- It “probably” has a sync option

3- Unique beat grids: the beat gridding system is  “not like Serato or Traktor, even though it looks like a two deck DJ app. We did something very different”

4- They are still making minor tweaks to the system, so an exact date of release is unavailable.

5- The new software does not write anything to ID3 tags at all. “Your music is safe.”

6- It will not support video

7- There is no time code support in their software. “We think Serato has done an awesome job with timecode support, and we don’t plan to compete with that. We recommend their software if you want that feature. We’re going 100% MIDI.”

8- This software has the Mixed In Key 6.0 algorithm already built in. “It analyzes everything in one step, with no other tools required.”

9- Audio output is configurable, so you can plug in a dedicated USB sound card or MIDI controller. “The cool thing is, you can use it with just a touchpad/mouse too, in case something goes wrong. A laptop is all you need to get started, but you can add hardware on top of that.”

10- No word on pricing yet. “But trust me, it will be reasonable.”

11- It works on both Windows and Mac OS X. “Identical features on both platforms.”

12- Mixed in Key will be putting a beta link up on their Facebook wall “soon” (day or time was not specified). The first 500 people to click the link will get a beta activation code, so be sure to regularly check their Facebook page for more information on the software and for a chance to try out the software!

*All quotes and information pulled from Mixed in Key’s Facebook page

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