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Posted by on Aug 13, 2014 in Biz/Tech, Featured, News | 0 comments

3DM: The First 3D Music Festival

3DM: The First 3D Music Festival

We knew it was only a matter of time. The world’s first ever 3-D dance music festival is set to take place this fall in Providence, Rhode Island. Now a mere audience will be transformed into active participants, as they become immersed in radiant 3-D visuals formed by hundreds of LED light panels.  Taking place in the Dunkin Donuts center, the 3DM festival utilizes multiple screens secured to the ceiling and walls of the venue.

“The concept of 3DM developed organically through numerous conversations,” co-founder Patrick Sechrist explains in a press release. “As we brainstormed about staging independent dance concerts on the East Coast, the spark of why 3D hadn’t played a role in the scene began to surface.” With persistence and determination, Sechrist and his team locked down a venue, confirmed artists, and built one massive 3-D arena covered in LEDs.

With everything in place, the question remains: Will dance music fans buy into this?

Co-founder Simon Dursunian believes the dance music genre lends itself perfectly to the concept of 3DM, because “dance music is unity; everybody is experiencing the lights and the sounds in a connected vibe. The audience becomes one. Meshing the music, the dancing, the crowd and the visuals is going to be a mind-bending journey. This is the next big thing for the community.”

With a multi-sensory experience unlike any other, will dance music fans relish the experience? Or will they reject this as a stunt to focus efforts elsewhere and take away from what really matters? In the end, if the music is good it doesn’t matter either way. It’s not our first choice of a party, but we will go anywhere good music leads us. Now we will all wait in anticipation for the line-up!

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