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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Biz/Tech, Featured | 0 comments

8 Must-Have Free Apps For the Music Fan

8 Must-Have Free Apps For the Music Fan

With the advent of smartphones in everyone’s pockets and tablets in everyone’s backpacks, along came some revolutionary apps for music fans. Listening to, discovering, and sharing music has never been easier or more fun. Here is our guide to 8 free apps you need on your device ASAP!

  1. 8tracks: With taglines like “radio, rediscovered,” and “the best free music playlists online,” 8tracks is a lean, clean, playlist machine. Available through the App Store and Google Play, just type in a genre or combination of genres, pick a playlist, and check out some new tunes.
  2. Grooveshark: Thanks to the wonderful Grooveshark, pretty much any song you can imagine is available for on-demand streaming. You can also save songs in your queue or playlists and host live broadcasts. The app is available for Android, Palm, Blackberry, Nokia, and jailbroken iPhones (you can also bookmark their mobile site on an unbroken iPhone).
  3. Pandora: What more needs to be said about Pandora other than the fact that they have 200 million monthly active users? They defined personalized internet radio, and still do it best. Their app is a streamlined, gorgeous listening interface. It’s available on Windows, Android, iOS, Nook, and Kindle Fire
  4. Ringtone Maker: If you need a custom ringtone (and who doesn’t?) download Ringtone Maker on your Android or iOS device. How else could you make Marc Houle, Alex Niggemann, or Ida Engberg your call tone (speaking from personal experience here)?
  5. Shazam: Hear a song and want to find out more about it? Simply open Shazam, hold it up to the audio source, and let the little guy search its database for info. Impress your friends with your new-found knowledge! Save songs to buy later! Explore songs on their map! Available on all major platforms.
  6. Songkick: Stay on top of your favorite artists’ tour schedules with Songkick! This nifty little concert tracker alerts you to shows in your area featuring artists from your music library, account, Pandora account, Facebook likes, or that you manually enter. It even powers our calendar. Available for Android, iPhone, and Spotify.
  7. Soundcloud: “Hear the world’s sounds” with Soundcloud. Their gorgeous app is available on iOS and Android, and lets you explore their seemingly endless collection of sounds as well as upload your own. You can search, record, and browse with ease.
  8. Songza: Working? Relaxing? At the gym? Songza plays the right music at the right time. You can even save your favorite playlists and share them on your social media sites!

What are your favorite apps? Let us know below!

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