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Posted by on Nov 4, 2014 in Featured, Music, Reviews |

Album Review: Blurred LP by Huxley

Album Review: Blurred LP by Huxley

HUXLEY___Blurred_Packshot_lowEvolving from a much talked-about underground prospect to a world renown producer and globe-trotting DJ in recent years, the time has now come for Huxley, born Michael Dodman, to release his debut album, Blurred, on Will Saul’s Aus imprint via digital and vinyl. Born and raised in the UK, the dance music maestro’s first album effort is everything you’d imagine it would be, full of rich dub intonations, sublime synths, and lyrical magic.

The album opens with “I Want You,” a smooth track that easily captures the listener’s attention with its dubby bass tones, emotionally charged strings, and sexy vocal samples. Dub spills into the following track, “Barne Dance,” providing the song with juxtaposition between bellowing wibble-wobbles and the ethereal synthesizers that ooze of endlessness.

Memorable vocals continue on “Give 2 U,” as FEMME sings intimate lyrics of commitment and love. The first few openings tracks give the listener a feel of the album, a 90s UK dance scene inspired album that blurs the lines between dubstep, drum-n-bass, deep house, and garage.

In “MXR,” Huxley reminds listeners what good drum-n-bass sounds like and enlightens younger generations who are too young to know better. Arguably one of the catchiest songs on the album, “Road Runner” features the captivating vocals of Obenewa. ”I ain’t your road runner, babe,” she croons on the track. That’s one we’ll have stuck in our heads for a bit. Not to be outdone, “Say My Name” featuring Yasmin takes the cake for the catchiest song of all.

Continuing a theme of dub-laden basslines and lyrical genius, the album has crossover appeal that attracts both the mainstream and more experimental dance scene. Next up, “Wayfarer” is one play button away from exploding a dancefloor on any given night. This gem will be a weapon of mass dancestruction in any DJs arsenal.

Rounding out the album is “Never Easy” which features classically trained musician turned electronic music composer, Thomas Gandey. From start to finish, Blurred LP offers listeners a variety of sounds whilst maintaining its dub roots. Utilizing expert production techniques and smart song-writing, Huxley’s Blurred LP appeals to the masses and maintains musical integrity to the absolute fullest.

Blurred is out now via Aus Music/!k7

01. I Want You
02. Barne Dance
03. Give 2 U (ft FEMME)
04. MXR
05. Road Runner (ft Obenewa) Reassign
06. Say My Name (ft Yasmin) Wayfarer
07. Broken Dreams
08. Cakewalk