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Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in Featured, Music, Reviews |

Best of 2014 with Decay Records

Best of 2014 with Decay Records

After celebrating their 1-year anniversary back in October, London-based Decay Records is honoring the milestone with a compilation highlighting some of the top releases from its inaugural year. The imprint, brainchild of Davide Zeta from DZeta and Basile, has boasted established names like Ed Davenport, Franck Roger, Hector Couto and Leon among others, but has also given visibility to some of the most interesting and upcoming talents around Europe, like Sam Russo, Ivo Toscao, and S-ampel. Featuring 11 dance-heavy tracks that bounce around 118-123 BPM, Decay’s Best of 2014 is full of versatile sexy grooves that could be both party starters or after-hours scorchers.

The release kicks off in a slow frenzy with Franck Roger’s remix of “Restiti” by Juliche Hernandez. Chugging basslines and metallic synths build around echoed vocal samples that finally culminate into bouncy melodic grooves and bubbling synths. Swaying from one beat to the next, S-ampel’s remix of “Evol” by S!LK and Apon gets techy with mechanical percussion and dark bass tones. Next up is one of our favorite tracks, Hector Couto’s remix of “Insomnia” by Ivo Toscano and Julien Sandre. Characterized by cosmonautic hi-hats and atmospheric synths that warp around bombastic bass and relentless drum patterns, Insomnia is sure to be a peak-hour home-run. We continue onward with “Hall 9000” by Leon and Neverdogs, an ode of sorts to 2001: A Space Odyssey, with a dark and psychedelic twist. Strings crescendo around vocal clips from the famous movie and break down into merciless basslines and crunchy percussion. Continuing on the dark and weird path, Dave Pezzner’s remix of Jay Tripwire’s “Khettoroid” starts with tribal drums and adds complex layers of atmospheric synths that whirl like wind and siren-like sounds that hypnotize the brain.

Speaking of intoxicating beats, S-ampel’s “Escape to NY” is another RP favorite on the compilation. This dance-floor oriented groove is comprised of sexy sampled vocals paired with penetrating basslines and crispy hi-hats that provide the ultimate late-night vibes. With some of the most abyssal bass tones on the entire package, Cozzy D & Michael Janson’s remix of “Tell Me” by Juliche Hernandez will rumble the floor boards with its dramatic break downs that erupts into volatile basslines. Rounding out the album with vigorous bass is S!lk & Apon’s remix of “Amnesia” by Saverio Celestri and Samuel Habykai. This song may be the slowest of the collection but there’s a lot force behind its aggressive basslines and sharp synths.

This collection of music is incredibly impressive for an imprint that only has 1 year to its name. It is evident that Davide Zeta and his team of artists are crafting music perfect for smaller boutique clubs but could work just as well in big warehouses or open air spaces. Decay Records is a label to watch for in 2015 as they brand their own unique sound comprised of dark, deep bass tones and dynamic melodies that keep the dancer engaged in body and mind.



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