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Posted by on Aug 7, 2014 in Featured, Music, Reviews, Shows | 0 comments

Charivari 2014: A Motor City Reunion

Charivari 2014: A Motor City Reunion

It was a picturesque weekend on Detroit’s Grand Riverwalk, and not just because the climate was in that sweet spot between warm and mildly cool. Set at Milliken State Park over the weekend, Charivari Detroit was in abundance of all the right things: friends, family, food and, of course, incredible dance music. The atmosphere was loving and nostalgic, as many people who were involved in the scene back in the early days came to show support. From living legends like Eddie Fowlkes and Terrence Parker to stars on the rise such as ATAXIA and CASH4GOLD, the lineup was chalk-full of Detroit’s finest talent. With an estimated 5,000 people in attendance over two days, Charivari Detroit welcomed generations of dance music lovers who reminisced with every nostalgic tune played as their children danced with vigor, fascinated by beats unknown. With two stages set up, the PA systems and overall sound quality was far more impressive than many full-sized music festivals we have recently attended. “This is literally one of the best music festivals I’ve ever been to… and it’s free,” declared a good friend as we watched hundreds of house heads celebrate Detroit dance music history and culture. Most importantly, this event bridged the gap between generations of dance music lovers in Detroit. From the aforementioned early scenesters to the new wave of twenty-somethings who are involved in the local music landscape, there was something here for everyone.  The video below gives a nice overview of the space, the crowd, and a sweet clip of DJ Psycho beat-juggling.

“Charivari Detroit is honored by the support of the DJ community, the sponsors, and the crowd and we are hopeful to the future of this event,” said event organizer Todd Johnson (aka Clark Drive). All who experienced Charivari Detroit left feeling a part of something bigger and better–a community united a labor of love. And that love was in the form of Charivari. From the DJs and the street team to the event organizers and vendors, everyone involved in this event did it for the love of Detroit and its rich dance music culture. Everyone played this event for free and no one made money, but we all feel like we got something so much more out of this experience. Apparent in every MC’s voice, every DJ’s set, and every person’s smile, we were all there for the music and for the spiritual community the space provided. It was feel-good vibes from dusk till dawn, and we were thrilled to be a part of such an uplifting event.

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