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Posted by on Aug 25, 2015 in Featured, Interviews, Music | 0 comments

Spotlight On: Confute

Spotlight On: Confute

EyO1SsF-SsqhOE-72LQ0RTB98wLmU_Zw2TzjfQtG-zj3eRSmOe8pKFf8LexrpkhYrDiyJQ=w1890-h835With an incredibly rich history of past collaborations (we’re talking the likes of Depeche Mode, M83, Pete Tong, and even queen Beyonce herself here), world tours, and years of fine-tuning his production prowess under his belt, Gary Curran is continuing his journey through the wide world of underground dance music as Confute. The founding member of the Japanese Popstars is using his new solo project to take the techno world by storm and has done a fine job so far. Artists such as Maceo Plex and James Zabelia have shown support for his unique, dark yet club-ready style. With 3 EPs behind him and an exciting list of forthcoming releases to boot, it’s clear Gary has a future as rich as his past. We got the chance to chat with the Irish producer to find out all about it.


Hi Gary, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Where are you writing us from today?
GC: I am writing to you today from the comfort of my home in Derry, Ireland. Just about to put the kettle on, would you like a cup of green tea?


Yes, please! Some of our readers will recognize your name from your group The Japanese Popstars – what were some of your favorite moments with them and what’s your favorite since going solo?
hhhmmmmm ย let me see… In all honesty there are probably too many to mention with The Japanese Popstars. I suppose in simple terms getting to travel the world, doing what I love. We played lots of different countries, meeting lots of amazing people and having fun a long the way.

Highlights would be playing Fuji Rock in Japan, touring with Orbital, releasing 3 albums and working with Robert Smith.

Since going solo, I am enjoying writing and building the project. Playing Together Festival in Boston this year was definitely stand out and I have just had a recent mix with all my own material broadcast on John Digweed’s Transitions.

Transitions with John Digweed and Confute by John Digweed on Mixcloud


What are the biggest differences between creating on your own and collaborating?
The main difference is that you have to be strict with what you are trying to accomplish. You have to trust yourself, be confident in your ability and develop a sound that is unique to you.

Collaboration is about finding each others strengths and merging the creativity so that it becomes unified. It is good to have a second ear and bounce ideas off each other.


What are you in the middle of creatively at the moment?
At the moment I am finishing off a new EP with Sebastian Markiewicz. He is the main man at Compatible Music and I will be in the studio later this week with Keith Tenniswood aka Radioactive Man and Two Lone Swordsmen as part of a project at Celtronic Studios here in Derry.


What are your favorite music production tools?
Ableton Push,
Propellerhead Reason 7,
Arturia Analogue Factory,
Arturia Spark LE,
Native Instruments Maschine Mikro,
Sonic Academy A.N.A.


Our friends at Rotor connected us to you – what have you worked on with them?
The Team at Rotor did the video for The Japanese Popstars track “Heavy Hitter” and we had stayed in contact since then. I think the concept of what they have going on is amazing. To use my words from their site ๐Ÿ™‚ Ahemmm……..

“Rotor instantly enabled me to tap into areas of my creative pallet, allowing me to present my music in a way that is engaging and unique”

I have a good relationship with Rotor and we are able to create new opportunities for what we are all trying to achieve musically and visually.


The definition of your name Confute is almost the exact opposite of mine, Axiom! How did you pick it?
That’s why I chose it. I knew this interview would some day occur…


Describe your sound in 5 words or less.


You’ve been in the music industry for a long time, what are some of the biggest ways you’ve seen it change and what do you think it’ll look like in 5 years?
It’s scary how quick the industry changes and moves. Recently the resurgence of house music and the popularity of Techno has increased vastly.
The EDM bubble is still prevalent and Dubstep wasn’t even created when it all started for me (showing my age now).
The internet has helped immensely as people have more access to music and they can discover something and some one new every day.
The negative side is that artists and performers do not earn what they are entitled to, due to streaming and illegal downloads.
I hope in 5 years that the industry is still diverse and healthy and that people strive to push things forward and that it some how finds a way to be fair to all the artists involved within it.


Any upcoming releases or tour dates our readers should know about?
Next release will be a remix I have just completed for Phraktal‘s track “Hanging Around Corners.” This will be out soon on the Omnis imprint.
My EP with Sebastian Markiewicz (once complete) should be out September/October and I have just completed an EP with R.E.C.
I am focused on writing at present but I shall be stepping out for a few shows stateside, just confirming at present, in Chicago, Boston, NYC and a few more.


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