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Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 in Featured, Music, Reviews |

Deetron Mixes Fabric 76

Deetron Mixes Fabric 76

As one of the longest running dance compilation series, the fabric “bar” has been set very high. With the world’s best techno and house DJs gracing the decks for the past 13 years,  it’s impossible to choose a favorite mix. But the latest installment by Swiss DJ and producer Deetron has made it to the top of our list. Skillfully blending an assortment of soulful dance classics and a collection of fresh, experimental sounds, Deetron fuses a brilliant amalgam of melodies that transcend time. Utilizing both vinyl and digital sources, Deetron talks about his idea for the mix:

“I basically followed the pleasure principle when approaching the mix. I started to pick my favorite pieces of dance music regardless of age or sub-genre and didn’t really begin to structure the mix until all the tracks had been cleared, except for one. So as I began to throw the tracks together as spontaneously as possible, the structure of the mix began to take shape. I did a single take before I recorded the final version of the mix as it is now in order to keep it as lively and representative of a live DJ set as possible. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself as much working on a mix in the studio before!” 

DEETRON-7Deetron really digs deep into his DJ collection on this mix, as he showcases sounds from 20+ years ago that still sound relevant and even complimentary next to recent releases. A fine example comes during the first 5 minutes of the mix, when Deetron blends Bab Stiltz’s psychedelic beats on “Palats” with soulful sounds of DJ Sneak’s 1996 dance classic “Who’s Knockin.” A true highpoint arises towards the middle of the mix, when Seven Davis Jr.’s sooth crooning comes in with his dance hit, “One.” Just when you’re thinking this mix can’t get any better, Deetron scores a homer as he effortlessly blends in the Detroit gem “Timeline” by Galaxy 2 Galaxy (you can hear this incredible mix in the preview video above). His use of rare gem “The Move,” an original from 1991 by E-Dancer (Kevin Saunderson) is as epic as it gets, and the song’s swirling synthesizers swim through neurons that will never forget brilliant sounds heard. As the set ventures forth, the tempo and mood cools off a bit, and Deetron takes this opportunity to play a slew slow burners that linger in your mind long after the mix is complete. He absolutely amazes as he brings back Juxta Position’s “Mercy” as a reprise at the end. This final stroke of genius demonstrates Deetron’s extraordinary DJing abilities and his astute attention to musical details.

After aurally digesting this mix, listeners will gain a newfound appreciation for a DJ mix. Where many mixes are made solely to be heard, Deetron’s fabric mix tells a story about the history of the underground dance genre and demonstrates that music, no matter what date it was made, can remain impactful years later. We believe Deetron’s fabric 76 mix will still be a favorite for years to come.

Deetron will launch fabric 76 at fabric on Saturday June 28th, alongside Craig Richards, Redshape (Live), Will Saul, Terry Francis & Slam. For tickets and more info click here!

Scope the full track list while listening to Deetron’s promo mix below, and snag a copy of fabric 76 from your favorite digital or physical retailer.


fabric 76 – Mixed by Deetron

01. Johnny Blas – Picadillo (Carl Craig’s Breakdown Version) [Ubiquity]
02 Jaime Read – Timewave [Fragmented]
03. Baba Stiltz – Palats [Studio Barnhus]
04. SoulPhiction – Mind & Body [Philpot]
05. DJ Sneak – Who’s Knocking [Magnetic]
06. Juxta Position – Mercy [Misstress]
07. Redshape – Finizh [Running Back]
08. Ripperton – Searchin 4 You [Tamed Musiq]
09. Greg Beato – Who’s The Licho In Charge Ovaa Here [Apron]
10. Tom Trago – Elite [Rush Hour]
11. Seven Davis Jr. – One [Must Have Records]
12. Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Timeline [Underground Resistance]
13. Afefe Iku feat. Osunlade – Bodydrummin [Yoruba]
14. Marquis Hawkes – Honey Kisses [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
15. Gemini – New Style Of [Peacefrog]
16. Presk – Rais [Ten Thousand Yen]
17. Ondo Fudd – There Will Be A Time [The Trilogy Tapes]
18. Four Tet & Terror Danjah – Nasty [Text]
19. Seiji – More Of You [Seijimusic]
20. E-Dancer – The Move [KMS]
21. Moderat – Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [50WEAPONS]
22. Caribou – Irene [City Slang]
23. Joe – Slope [Hessle Audio]
24. Atoms For Peace – Before Your Very Eyes… [XL]
25. Function – Falling The Same Way (Dommune Version) [Sandwell District]
26. Design A Wave – Weird F [No ‘Label’]
27. Juxta Position – Mercy (Loop) [Misstress]
28. Nils Frahm – Says [Erased Tapes]