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Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in Music, Reviews | 0 comments

Music Mondays: Demir & Seymen – Losing My Soul

Music Mondays: Demir & Seymen – Losing My Soul

3516-178691_600Özgür Demir & Sencer Seymen, better known as Demir & Seymen, have been making waves in the electronic community since their first release in 2008. Berlin is home to the duo and the Pentagonik label which has hosted several of their releases, including the duo’s newest effort Losing My Soul.

It’s a single with a beautifully unique sound. The original mix is a flowy, melody-driven tune with an inescapable vocal from CCCat. “Losing My Soul” is a track which could find home in a wide range of DJ sets. It features distinct elements of deep house, tribal house, and minimal techno without sounding cluttered. It’s modern-sounding but not trendy and could fit next to tracks released last month or a decade ago, making it one that will age better than most.

The track’s first remix comes from Kotelett & Zadak, another Berlin-based duo with a penchant for dark house music. They re-work the original into a rougher, yet still sensual, 7 minute journey full of climactic moments. Their edits of the piano and vocal parts are particularly special. The duo’s attention to detail is obvious.

Closing out the package is the funky, jack-enducing version of “Losing My Soul” delivered by house hero David Keno. Keno leaves the vocals intact while bringing out the original percussion and synth sounds and adding a bouncy bassline and some new synths. It’s a rowdy, fun take on classic house twinged a bit with techno.

Losing My Soul is a high-quality single which proves that Berlin has more to offer than its traditional techno. Check out the preview video below and grab a copy on Beatport!

Demir & Seymen feat. CCCat – Loosing My Soul from demir&seymen on Vimeo.

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