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Posted by on Mar 17, 2019 in Featured, Music, Reviews |

Detroit-based label Choose Better Friends releases debut EP, “Loitering in Public Spaces,” by Bale Defoe

Detroit-based label Choose Better Friends releases debut EP, “Loitering in Public Spaces,” by Bale Defoe

Detroit’s newest dance imprint is gearing up for their debut release, “​Loitering in Public Spaces​,” by DJ/producer and label co-owner, Bale Defoe. The latest offering from the Detroit native is a prime display of how he continues to develop his sound and techniques, being influenced by his travels abroad and the changing landscape of the Motorcity.

“Experiencing the culture of south London and returning to Detroit produced an outcome that pushed me and my sound even further that I expected,” says Bale Defoe. “As both cities continue to change everyday, this record represents the culture that will always remain.”

The release opens with percussion-heavy “Waytoomany (treesinPeckham),” a song defined by thick, rolling basslines, intricate hi-hats and smooth vocal samples that delicately wind their way into the threads of the track. The UK influence is definitive on this track (as is suggested by the title) and continues to permeate throughout the release.

A2 offers a quality lo-fi vibe, a quintessential sound we’ve come to associate with Bale Defoe’s aural aesthetic. But Bounceback1 is more refined than previous efforts, and displays the development of his dynamic production style that effortlessly blends granular sounds with skillfully crafted samples.

The B-side opens with RainSnowSleet, a moody dancefloor number defined by pulsating basslines, oscillating hi-hats that tickle your eardrums and retro synths that croon in conjunction with haunting vocal samples. The track so perfectly captures a sonic representation of Detroit’s dreariest winter days.

Bounceback2 rounds out the release with another classic Bale Defoe sound, as the track maintains a gritty aesthetic highlighted by dusty grooves and an unwavering bassline.

Loitering in Public Spaces
​ is due out on vinyl & digital release at the end of March. This is a strong debut from the Choose Better Friends imprint, showcasing progressive sounds of Detroit and a dedication to artists inspired by the city’s past, present and future.

A1 – Waytoomany (treesinPeckham)

A2 – Bounceback1

B1 – RainSnowSleet

B2 – Bounceback2

CBFR001 is available now on vinyl or digital release via Bandcamp here.

Choose Better Friends Records is a Detroit-based record label that aims to connect people who share a love for deep bass lines, late night boogie & moody grooves. Highlighting the diverse soundscape of Detroit’s dance music scene, the label features an eclectic array of artists and is co-run by four locals: Bale Defoe, Phil Minnick, Jessica Peacock and Ryan McCray.