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Posted by on Sep 4, 2016 in Featured, Music, Reviews, Shows |

Dirtybird BBQ, Detroit Edition

Dirtybird BBQ, Detroit Edition

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Ain’t no party like a Dirtybird party cuz a Dirtybird party… Has fair games, BBQ and an influx of booty shakin’ music! This past weekend saw the return of the Detroit Dirtybird BBQ after a year’s hiatus. And, oh, was it worth it!

The crew hosted the two-day party on Belle Isle this year, which provided an incredible backdrop for the event. Each night, a stunning sunset while one of the crew was on the decks. While a definite shift from the Masonic Temple two years ago, the space on Belle Isle was much larger and has the potential for the event to grow.

J. Phlip

The first day saw thunder storms, tons of rain and even mud. None of that stopped people from dancing, though! We strapped on our rain boots, grabbed a poncho and danced through the drizzle. Golf Clap started off the afternoon, with sets from Dateless, Will Clarke, Christian Martin v Worthy, J. Phlip and, of course, Claude VonStroke.

Will Clarke won “Set of the Day,” at least in our opinion. His set was the perfect accompaniment to the rain… And the emergence of the sun. It was filled with a funky bass that just couldn’t be stopped. UK Garage meets California funk.

If there is one thing you can count on from J. Phlip is a truly solid set every time she is in Detroit. And the Christian-Worthy duo was nothing short of dynamic. Day one was a definite success.

Now, if day 1 was storm- and rain-filled, day 2 was the polar opposite. Hot, sunny and exactly what you would imagine a party would be like on Belle Isle in late August. The day started with Marshall Applewhite, followed by Ardalan, Kill Frenzy, Shiba San, Claude VonStroke and Justin Martin.

Shiba San’s set was different than his typical deep house vibe, straying a little more toward the tech house genre. But his vibe fit into the overall feeling of the music that day. As expected, he dropped his absurdly popular track “Okay,” much to the crowd’s excitement.


While every set had us up and dancing, Claude VonStroke’s day 2 “History of Dirtybird” set was on a whole different level. He played classics, he played new music, he played just about everything. It was the perfect set for the BBQ. His song selection had nearly everyone in the crowd excited, even singing along at parts, because we were hearing tracks we know, love and, in some cases, haven’t heard in quite some time. The only thing that had us cringing was when he dropped his remix of Shiba’s “Okay.” A little too soon after we heard the original, especially from Shiba San himself.

It was tough a tough act for Justin to follow, but he did with his typical grace and style. As the sun began to set over the the grassy (and slightly muddy) field we were dancing on, Justin’s set became a little deeper and a little darker, as well. He finished off the evening and the weekend on the perfect note, with party goers happy and looking forward to BBQ’s to come.

…Until next time, Dirtybird!