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Posted by on Oct 20, 2015 in Featured, Music, Reviews, Shows | 0 comments

Wet Hot American Summer Meets Music Festival at Dirtybird Campout

Wet Hot American Summer Meets Music Festival at Dirtybird Campout


A few weekends back, Dirtybird did what they do best—have a hell of a good time.

Hands down, the Dirtybird crew provided one of the best weekend experiences to hit the US the entire year (and… years past).

The experience began long before that Friday when they opened their gates at Santiago Canyon Ranch. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were saturated with entertaining videos, informational bios and hiarious pictures of the entire crew. To say the hype began months in advance would be an understatement.

If you didn’t have a chance to check out their preview video, it is an absolute must that you check it out below:

Official Camp Teaser

So, when those gates opened, everyone was itching to see what the Campout had in store. And I do not think that anyone was truly prepared.


Friday began with a camp “orientation,” followed by games, music and professional pizza making by the Pizza Master himself, Justin Martin.

There was tie dye, boat races, kickball, sack races, popsicles, comedy, a talent show, arts & crafts, bbq… And just about anything else one would find at a summer camp (for grown ups).

And then the music ensued.

There were two stages, total, but the music was only on one stage at a time. To be completely honest, at first I was somewhat surprised by the lack of dual stages. I suppose I am simply accustomed to having to split our time between all the amazing artists playing at 50 different stages throughout the entire weekend. So it was actually refreshing to know I would never miss a set or an artist. Big ups for that!


While the entire weekend was jam packed with amazing music, there are four sets that absolutely MUST be mentioned.

First, Claude VonStroke performed as himself (Barclay Crenshaw) one morning. It was a sick hip-hop set and a steep 180 from what you hear him play as Claude. And the entire camp loved it. He also seemed “refreshed,” so to speak, to play something different and new—something that the rest of us haven’t heard him play, like ever. It was a early morning curveball that no one saw coming, but everyone loved.

Next… Justin and Christian Martin’s phenomenal drum and bass set Sunday morning in the rain. I don’t know if any other words are actually necessary. It was, hands down, an incredible set. I am not an avid d&b listener or consumer, yet their set not only got me dancing, but dancing with a smile and all thoughts of exhaustion left back at the campsite.

Now, if you have yet to see J. Phlip in action, you are seriously missing on an essential part of your life. When she closed out the weekend on Sunday evening, her set was nothing less than the absolute best. She left the crowd satisfied, providing them with a great end to a great weekend.

While those three sets were, obviously, notable, there is one set that stood out above the rest. It was exactly what we needed before we even realized we needed it. Who was it, you’re asking yourself… Billy Kenny. The minute he stepped up to the decks, the entire crowd could not stop dancing. And by dancing, I mean the full-body dancing of someone who is truly feelin’ the music. It was incredible. He dropped all of the tracks we hoped he would— I Eat Beats (Ardalan Remix), I Operate, a few remixes and a brand new track yet to be released that he has teased us with a clip of on Facebook. The crowd left his set 100% energized for the remainder of the day and 100% ready for an afternoon of activities.

The Dirtybird Campout was, simply put, on point. It was the perfect mix of music festival and Wet Hot American Summer. And I hope to god they do this again next year.

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