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Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Featured, Music, Shows | 0 comments

Party Flavor: DJ Tennis & Thugfucker Do Dallas

Party Flavor: DJ Tennis & Thugfucker Do Dallas

This Saturday, January 18th, one party proved that electronic music is alive and well in Dallas. Life and Death’s own DJ Tennis and Thugfucker brought their signature deep tech-house sound to downtown’s cozy club Sandaga 813. The venue’s laid-back vibe, friendly staff, and bumping sound system proved to be a perfect backdrop for a night of non-stop dancing.

We were greeted at the door with free earplugs (and glowsticks!) thanks to Frequency Charity, who partnered with RBMA (Red Bull Music Academy), and Sounds Like to bring the event to life. After grabbing a drink, we migrated to the dance floor, where we happily resided for the next 5 hours. A giant lazer and funky visuals kept the eye as dazzled as the ear, and just as we were starting to get loose and the floor was beginning to fill up, DJ Tennis and Greg Oreck of Thugfucker took over the decks.

IMG_2033The duo went back to back for an amazing extended set full of sexy cuts which blurred the edges between several genres. It became clear why Life and Death’s parties are world-renowned: the set was quite simply a journey through music, flawlessly executed, and the energy of the room could not be beat. They read our collective mind as they traversed through deep house, house, techno, and even dub techno territories. It was tech-house as it should be, the raw kind that combines elements of traditional techno and house music into a rich, blended sound. “The pair of DJs were great,” remarked party-goer Russell┬áMantione, “it was a really unique, dark, house show and fit perfectly into the downtown Dallas setting.”

One thing about going out in Dallas that makes it different than several other cities we’ve partied in is that everyone seems genuinely happy to be at the show. They aren’t just there to be seen or get wasted, but to enjoy the music and make new friends. “Everyone was excited to be there and the music really brought them together,” said Mantione. Thanks to promoters like Sounds Like and Source 20/20, the community has a lot to remain excited about.

thugfucker lazer showAnother great reason to be at this party was the charity aspect. This was the third in a series of three Frequency Effect shows which paired up Frequency Charity and RBMA, the other events taking place in Austin and New Orleans. “Musically speaking, all of the Frequency Effect events have included double headliner artists associated with RBMA,” said Frequency Effect Director Jason Vasilas. “The pairing has been very complimentary as we get to promote our charitable cause, the importance of RBMA in cultivating the DJ industry, and of course, sharing cutting edge, high-quality, underground music.” Their mission is simple: educate the music community on how to protect their hearing, support a cure for hearing loss through fundraising events, and sharing their musical vision of deep electronic music with the world. All three were evident on Saturday, and we are happy to report that through the event, Frequency Charity generated more than $2,000, which they put towards great causes such as The American Tinnitus Association.

The show was an all-around awesome experience, from the great vibes to the transportive B2B set to supporting an important cause. “Best part of the show for us? Making a difference in the world through the power of music,” noted Vasilas. And in this world, we need more parties like that.

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