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Posted by on Sep 12, 2014 in Featured, Music, Reviews |

EP Fridays #26

EP Fridays #26

no19_19049_packshotArtist: Maher Daniel

Release: A Call From Within

Label: No. 19 Music

Lush, ethereal sounds make up the newest release on Jonny White’s No. 19 Music – Maher Daniel’s single “A Call From Within.” The fanciful original mix is perfect for a tranquil afternoon or the start of a deep set, categorized by its tropical percussion, solid bass, and synths with just the right amount of energy and tension. On remix duties are two heavyweights – Germany’s Martin Buttrich and England’s Subb-an. Martin delivers a stunning remix, amplifying the grooves of the original to wind up at his trademark sexy, fluid tech-house sound. The dub version is equally as enthralling, leading the listener on a 9-minute adventure through a range of low-slung sounds. Subb-an’s “Early Morning” version rounds out the package nicely, using a solid backbone of drums to carry clangy melodies through a dreamscape. If losing yourself in warm basslines is your thing, you’ll find yourself right at home in this single.


LF068_Klartraum_E3_CoverArtworkWebArtist: Klartraum

Release: E3

Label: Lucidflow

Lovely German duo Klartraum just released the third EP in a four-part series which will culminate as an album later this year: E3. This four-tracker is full of grooves that straddle the line between dance-floor killers and home-listening pleasures. “Drama Queen,” a romp through seductive and mysterious territory, is a delicious deep tech-house cut with plenty of space for the imagination. Going even deeper is the Flight Club Live Mix of “Flight To Berlin,” an emotional cut with lots of ear candy including trumpet licks from AKA AKA‘s Thalstroem and bleepy synth lines. Haunting track “Dark Space Night” is next, just perfect for taking the energy of a DJ set up a notch or two. To close is the original mix of “Flight To Berlin,” which is a delightfully epic 15-minute track that you can feel sitting in your chest more so than hear. The production quality of this pair does not disappoint. This EP is a dynamic, interesting listen from start to finish.


La Premier EP 1500x1500Artist: Phoenix Knight

Release: La Priemier

Label: Classic Music

Not much is known about the elusive Phoenix Knight, but the mysterious artist is perking up ears with his debut release, La Priemier, on Luke Solomon & Derrick Carter’s Classic imprint. Garnering support from the likes of PBR StreetgangDJ SneakOliver Dollar Mark Farina Doc Martin (Sublevel) & many more, some people are questioning the artist behind the namesake. Classic boss Luke Solomon asserts that it shouldn’t matter who is behind the name “Phoenix Knight,” as he wrote in a Facebook post earlier this month,

“Released as an anonymous artist – it has been an interesting experiment amongst the music buying public. Made by a rising star – who, when attaching his name to a record – can sell music like it is going out of fashion – thus proving that music is driven by profile and not by the music itself. Now this is not down to the general public, but more about how music is presented to the music buying public by both record distributors and digital stores. Attaching a name makes it an easier job for those that sell music as it is based on profile – those with “great” profile – get put to the forefront of the shop – the click throughs – the charts – the front page profile – and so on and so forth. The days when a salesmen sat on the phone and sold you a piece of music based on its merits are long gone. Now we are reliant on names and profile to carry things through making it easier for us to go about our busy day to day lives and not be bogged down by things that take time – like discovery – finding the new – and passing on the word. I too get caught up in this world – and it’s why I miss the personal touch of a person selling another person another piece of music. Maybe this will change – maybe it won’t. This I do know – if I were to release the name of this artist publicly – bloggers would unite – distributors would pick up the phone – and DJs might take a little more notice. Regardless – Classic will continue to fly the flag for great music irrespective of the names that made it. Great music and talented artists will always stand the test of time, fashions and trends.”

Luke is right; the music speaks for itself. As we have preached from day 1 of Robotic Peacock almost 18 months ago, our mission is to provide a platform for dance music that is not played on the radio, sounds that challenge us to think outside the box, and to showcase the full spectrum of producers that exist in our ever-expanding world – not just the famous ones, but the artists that are working to exhaustion to create beautiful sounds for the world. Everyone deserves a chance and we here at Robotic Peacock pride ourselves on covering all artists big and small. But we digress… Who cares who is behind Phoenix Knight? La Premier EP is dancefloor magic and should be shared with peers immediately. The release opens with afterhours gem “Jamaica Street,” a sensual song featuring a bright, jazzy crescendo of strings and penetrating basslines that sink straight into the sonic abyss. Utilizing a catchy old school vocal on “Up 2 U,” Phoenix Knight delivers a dancefloor classic full of funk-inspired melodies and crafty bass tones. Rounding out the stellar release is “Private Eye,” a tune characterized by its jacking basslines, jazzy synths, and filtered trumpet samples that warm the inside of your ears. Now available on vinyl and digital formats, La Premier EP is a must-have in your DJ collection.