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Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Featured, Music, Reviews | 0 comments

Extended Play Fridays #11

Extended Play Fridays #11

STR007Artist: Agents of Time (+ Orbis Terrarum Remix)

Release: Lost Dreams EP

Label: Stem

Prepare yourself for the lush, analog landscape that is Lost Dreams. The A-side original mix begins with swelling pads, carefully-placed guitar, and a hooky bassline. It grows and unfolds over its 6 minute mark and the end result is a mesmerizing track which (thankfully) doesn’t fit particularly well into any modern house/techno bucket. It’s just good music, and that’s what Stem is becoming increasingly known for. On the flip side, Orbis Terrarum puts his touch on “Lost Dreams,” evoking the spirits of dark warehouse techno while keeping the musicality of the original. Although short, this is a powerful release with a lasting impact on the listener.


prcptn003 PackshotArtist: Alexander Koning (Southsoniks, Andy Slate + NoToMash Remixes)

Release: Slave Girl

Label: Perception Records

No newcomer to the scene, Alexander Koning has been building a following in the underground house community since the early 90s. For the third release on his own Perception Records, Koning offers up an obviously sexy single “Slave Girl.” The original cut is a stripped-down, melodic house jam with slight prog tendencies. The vocal lines provided by Kim K. make it ideal for after-hours play. Up next, Swiss producer Southsoniks puts his spin on things, enlisting elements of dub techno and tribal house to up the energy level. Andy Slate’s “Drippin Soft Remix” follows. It’s a bass-heavy workout with a dark yet fun vibe. Rounding things out is the super catchy and epic NoToMash mix which somehow manages to take the cheese out of electro-house. This release can move all sorts of dance floors.


luca lozano mr ho dobb meepArtist: Luca Lozano & Mr. Ho (Tim Green + Nicson Remixes)

Release: Dobb Meep

Label: Disc Over Music

Nobody says it better than the artist, and Luca Lozano calls this release “both bad and beautiful in equal amounts.” Organic deep house is almost an oxymoron these days, but this group of artists proves the genre can still be authentic. The opening cut “Dobb Meep” is a delightful number which is part Moog-tastic arpeggiated goodness, part stuttering carousel music, and all groove. On remix duties is Disc Over head Tim Green, providing a gorgeous tech house take on the track – keeping the feel of the original while beefing up the elements of mystery. B-side track “Different Circles” is a solo offering from Lozano, venturing more into the experimental tech house side of his repertoire. It features the best use of oscillator bass we’ve heard in the past five years. Finishing things is Nicson’s take on “Different Circles,” a cut with plenty of charisma and oomph.


einzelkind dirtdrive epArtist: Einzelkind

Release: Dirtdrive EP

Label: Infuse

This one goes straight into the minimal-weird-funk-awesome category. “Dirtdrive” begins with an unrelenting techno beat and distorted male vocals, transitions into a spoken word jam which almost crosses into IDM territory, then alternates between the two realities for the rest of its 8 minute duration. You have no choice but to simultaneously giggle and shake your butt during this journey of a cut. B-side “Bless” is a jazzy burner fueled by an uptempo groove, samples of crowds cheering, and a bouncing bassline. It’s an incredibly fun track which makes you feel like you’re in the middle of something special. If you’ve been feeling like there’s no art left in party, one listen to this EP will change your mind.

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