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Posted by on Feb 14, 2014 in Featured, Music, Reviews | 0 comments

Extended Play Fridays #12

Extended Play Fridays #12

mec006coverRelease: Lenses Remixes

Artist: Soft Metals

Label: Mecanica

LA-Based synth-pop duo Soft Metals released their second LP Lenses last July and are following it up with an intriguing remix EP (out now via digital and on gorgeous black and white splatter vinyl March 3rd). The EP begins with Silent Servant‘s blistering, minimalist rework of “Tell Me,” proving that he can naturally infect any genre whatsoever with his heavy style. “No Turning Back” is remixed into a dreamy soundscape by Tying Tiffany next. Tokyo’s Jesse Ruins put their stamp on “Tell Me” third, with emphasis on the piano and echoing vocals. “Interobserver (Bryan Zentz 5-Skandhas Remix)” is an instant classic delivered by the well-versed producer, driven by sweeping synths and 808 percussion. Stepping into classic synth-rock territory is Mexico’s Marbeya Sound with their remix of “Hourglass.” Up next is the final version of “Tell Me,” a haunting, straight-forward mix by Sumergido. Rounding things out are L-Sedition’s Moog-tastic take on “When I Look Into Your Eyes” and Bestial Mouth‘s noisey-good WMX Remix of “No Turning Back.” The EP’s eclectic compilation of styles and wide variety of boundary-pushing artists make it perfect to rinse your ears of repetitive electronic music.


LEFT043_artworkRelease: Don’t Undastand (Matt Tolfrey + Honey Dijon Remixes)

Artist: Huxley + Sam Russo

Label: Leftroom Records

Pals Huxley and Sam Russo have done it again in a big way, kicking off Leftroom’s 2014 with Don’t Undastand. The duo deliver a super-catchy original track, kicked off by relaxed piano chords and slowly building into a mid-set floor-destroyer of a house track. Huxley’s garage education and Russo’s adventurous style are both evident. On remix duties first is label head Matt Tolfrey, amping up the techno elements and chopping up the drum parts to form his captivating Ec1 Mix. On the B Side, Chicago’s own Honey Dijon delivers two versions of “Don’t Undastand,” the Chi Town Boogie Mix and the NYC mix. As their respective cities are known, the Chi Town version amps up the soul factor and you just can’t escape the techno of the NYC. Don’t Undastand puts this top-notch collection of new and established artists in a power position for the year ahead.


VIS251_ARelease: Climax EP

Artist: Citizen

Label: 2020Vision

Getting into the Valentine’s day mood, we picked up the latest release on 2020Vision, Climax EP by Citizen (aka Laurence Blake). The release opens with a pulsating percussion that builds into an infectious groove where classic meets contemporary sounds. Gorgeous vocals enter the track (sounds like Usher, but better) breath life into the track, and are brought together with a poignant organ hook by way of delicate precision in the overall engineering of the track. Next up is “As One,” and the vibe carries over from the previous track. A dynamic drum pattern opens the song, and only becomes more complex over the next 6 minutes. Gradually working in sax licks, chopped vocals, clicks and clacks, the song creates an interesting mix of sounds that create a hi-energy crowd-pleaser in “As One.” Rounding out the EP is title track “Climax.” As the song grows, sensual vocals accompany an unforgettable bassline that bellows into the pit of the listener’s earholes with attitude and panache. The seismic rumbling of the subs juxtapose the delicate strings and vocals in a way that allows for the creation of space—a deed that adds a layer of ethereal atmospherics and provides soundscapes for the “climax.”

Digital Artwork_PR2014100Release: Gonna Be Mine EP

Artist: Rogerio Martins

Label: Piston Recordings

Keeping up the lovey-dovey vibes is Piston Recordings label boss Rogerio Martins with his “Gonna Be Mine EP” loaded with quality remixes from the likes of James Dexter, Joss Moog, and JR from Dallas.

The EP opens with the original version of “Gonna Be Mine.” Classical piano riffs set smooth vibes, but the animated bassline brings the track to life. Vocal samples (that sound like Michael Jackson) subtley work their way around the track with emotive synths accompanying them. This Chicago-house inspired track would liven up any dancefloor faster than you can say “Gonna Be Mine.”

Parisian producer Joss Moog’s remix is on deck first, with a disco-tinged vibe from the get-go that’s got us saying “Yes Please!” Bright percussion, delicate organ strings, and an old-school disco feel make this a fun party-starter track. Once that bassline drops, everyone will be getting down.

UK house talent James Dexter appears next on the EP with his dark horse of a remix. Minimal in nature, the edit is defined with a pretentious bassline that is so round it could probably bounce to the moon and back if it were in a sold state. Combined with mysterious soundscapes that swirl around chopped FX-laden vocals, and you’ve made a huge crowd of afterhours space cadets very happy.

Rounding out the EP is JR from Dallas’ Ghetto mix. The song takes a tech-house route that would kill at a cabana beach house (think WMC pool party vibes), with plenty of abrasive percussive loops and fun vocal loops that will have bikini clad babes bouncing with its sleazy beats.

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