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Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Featured, Music, Reviews | 0 comments

Extended Play Fridays #15

Extended Play Fridays #15

3516-176847_600Artist: Cédric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg

Release: El Péportile EP

Label: 87 Records

Unique minimal techno is hard to come by these days, but this 3-track EP by German duo Cédric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg proves that it can be found if you look hard enough. Starting things off is “Matzerium,” a forward-moving track full of blippy synths, a hearty bassline, and tripped-out vocals. Up next is “Breakoutbattlefield,” which takes things deeper down the rabbit hole. The experimental vibe is slightly spooky, less aggressive, and simply fun to listen to thanks to many layers of detailed programming. “Tatsi” closes out the package wonderfully with spacey guitars, complex rhythms, and finely-tuned synths. Set this in your collection next to Ricardo Villalobos and John Tejada.


MEANT018_1000Artist: Alien Alien (Rodion + Red Axes Remixes)

Release: One By One EP

Label: Meant

Sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for a funky, synth-fueled ride through time and space. The little-known duo Alien Alien, comprised of Hugo Sanchez and Rodion, break it down like nothing we’ve ever heard. Half slow disco and half synth pop, title track “One By One” sets the tone. It’s got the kind of weird ear-worm sound guys like Troy Pierce and Fabrizio Maurizi are known for, without being quite as dark and a little more floor-ready. Rodion lays down his take of “One By One” next, amping up the techno nuances while keeping the same glitchy synths. Clangy Latin percussion, an ultra-deep bassline, and echoing vocal samples make up the flip side “Soter.” It builds up for several minutes before turning into some kind of full-fledged haunted opera covered in glitter. Closing out the package is Red Axes’ remix of “Soter,” which turns the original into a old-school house jam session. This is a left-field release that has more than enough spunk to hit home with a variety of dance music fans.


3516-176784_600Artist: Gog feat. J-Mo (Jay Tripwire + Rubinskee + Safeword Remixes)

Release: A Different Feeling That Inspire the Night

Label: Louder Music

This release is meant for straight up booty-slaying of the dance floor. Opening cut “Different Moments” is the kind of dark house that’s not so easy to find in these current days of deep domination. The unrelenting bassline, straightforward vocal parts, and clean synths combine to form an unavoidable twitch in your hips. Canadian legend Jay Tripwire delivers a top-notch version of “Different Moments,” chock full of arpeggiated synths, straight-forward groove, and powerful peppered effects. The final version of “Different Moments” comes from Mexico’s Rubinskee, and his take is an ultra-dark, ultra-sleek adventure of a listen. Second original “Quiet Desperation” is led by J-Mo’s soulful voice and precisely shuffled drums. It’s just the right mix of deep, playful and sinister. The buzzed-about duo Safeword remixes “Quiet Desperation,” and the trippy cut is exactly what we’d expect from them. It’s a bouncy, melody-driven version that could be served up equally at Burning Man or Movement Festival. Rounding out the EP is “Night Feelings,” a tasty treat of a track which will be stuck in our heads for days to come.


thorstenArtist: Thorsten Hammer (incl. Lekesch & Schekel Remix)

Release: Watt A L

Label: Natural Rhythm

Celebrate the official start of spring with his powerful two-track EP from Germany’s Thorsten Hammer. The hypnotic tech house of “Watt A L” is enough to get just about anyone in the mood to dance. The perfectly edited vocals, synths, and percussion work their way into your head and don’t stop until they reach your feet. It’s edgy yet completely accessible. We bet it’ll make several appearances this Winter Music Conference. When Lekesch & Schekel get their hands on “Watt A L,” the results are sub-bustingly deep. This is an equally infectious cut, guaranteed to make waves on dance floors across the globe. Natural Rhythm will surely continue to make noise with releases such as this one.

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