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Posted by on May 16, 2014 in Featured, Music, Reviews | 0 comments

Extended Play Fridays #20

Extended Play Fridays #20

VIS254 PackshotArtist: Joyce Muniz

Release: Soundomatic EP

Label: 2020Vision

Brazilian DJ and producer Joyce Muniz has been garnering attention from techno heads all over the world with her dynamic sound. Over the past few years, she has released original content along with remix cuts on some of the most esteemed dance music labels, such as Exploited, Lo: Rise, Moodmusic, and 2020Vision. As a follow up to her Drop In Pressure EP on 2020Vision released last year, Joyce Muniz returns with a strong arsenal of dancefloor weapons on Soundomatic. Kicking off the EP is title track “Soundomatic,” a peak-time track full of rich synth work, cavernous basslines, and catchy vocal snippets. Following the opener is “Brightness,” another dancefloor-driven track full of swirling atmospherics and infectious bass tones that breathe life into the song. The afterhours crowd will bow down to the almighty DJ after he or she plays “Back 2 Back,” a more minimal sound for Muniz but still impactful. Comprised of eerie vocals, refined piano chords, and saw-wave basslines that sail the song into the bass abyss, “Back to Back” will stimulate even the most faded fans. Rounding out the EP is Kyodai’s remix of “Soundomatic,” featuring the duo’s signature jazzy house vibes with filtered drum kicks, crisp claps, and organ synth lines that ooze of soul.


stranjj021-lrArtist: ATAXIA

Release: Loves to Party EP

Label: Stranjjur

Following massive debuts on Culprit and Leftroom last year, the Detroit space time travelers who call themselves ATAXIA are gaining huge support from heavy-hitting DJs and fans alike. Making their debut on Brooklyn-based imprint, Stranjjur, Ted Krisko and Eric Hanna combine funk and industrial vibes with minimal techno on their latest release, Love to Party EP. The title of the release stems from the vocals in the track, which most people will recognize as Charlie Sheen from the infamous tiger blood interview. These memorable lyrics along with addictive basslines and ethereal pads make for a satisfying dancefloor cut. S.K.A.M.s edit of “Loves to Party” provides a darker rendition of the original meanwhile Inxec lends a hand at his own remixes with split personalities. Inxec’s “Prinking Mix” takes fans on a deep house voyage full of metallic sounds that could’ve easily been recorded at the Packard Plant. Devoid of lyrics, Inxec highlights ATAXIA’s technical work rather than focusing on the pop culture references. This is only the first installment of the Loves to Party release, as a limited vinyl release will soon follow that will include exclusive remixes to be announced soon.


artworks-000072598813-mbb4a7-t500x500Artist: Rennie Foster

Release: Childish Things

Label: RF

The smooth sounds of Canadian Rennie Foster’s latest offering, Childish Things, out now on his own RF imprint, explore the relationship between improvisational jazz and underground electronic music. The result is anything but childish; a thoughtful three-track EP venturing into territories we wish were traversed more often. The title track starts things off, using a dialogue between trumpet and synthesizer to create a mood of hopeful bliss. “Traders” is up next, taking a dark turn by using an acid house backbone to showcase moving trumpet licks by the talented Alfons Fear. The gradually layered parts grow more intense throughout its 8 minute duration, climaxing in a sonic high-five between the two genres. Rounding things out is “Grass Roots,” a lush, deep soundscape featuring expressive guitar lines from Lorin Goshinmon – Foster’s father-in-law, melodic piano chord progressions, and s forward-moving groove. This EP is one that anyone with an appreciation for boundary-pushing music will enjoy. Although it’s experimental in nature, it keeps a refined, emotional sensibility about it. Childish Things is perfect for weekend afternoon listening.


3516-180343_600Artist: Balcazar

Release: Between The Airports EP

Label: Desertor Gang

Hailing from Playa Del Carmen is a brand new label set out to showcase some of Mexico’s freshest and finest electronic offerings. Desertor Gang, the brainchild of Alessandro Mogarelli & Flavio Navarro, started off their catalog with a mature release by Balcazar, better known as one half of duo Balcazar & Sordo. The pair of tracks on Between the Airports evoke feelings of pleasure shrouded in mystery. Although “Air Side” has a prominent bass line, it manages to keep an overall light feel by employing atmospheric synth sounds and just a few layers of percussion. “Land Side,” on the other hand, uses a multitude of intense sounds to create a rich, full sound which packs just enough punch to make it ideal for an opening set. If these two tracks are a sign of things to come, we’ll keep our eyes and ears wide open for the Desertor Gang.

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