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Posted by on Feb 14, 2017 in Featured, Interviews, Music |

RPM #16: Ghita Sisters

RPM #16: Ghita Sisters

Spinning a blend of dark techno beats and melodic house rhythms, Monica and Andrea Ghita effortlessly mix their sounds together with quality beat-matching, patience and graceful timing. The sister duo are quickly becoming a mainstay in the Detroit music scene, opening for bigger acts and playing a myriad of after hours. With a handful of important gigs on the horizon and the release of original music slated for later this year, the Ghita Sisters are poised for takeoff in 2017. We caught up with Monica and Andrea to chat about their musical background, Detroit influences, sibling dynamics and much more. We’re excited to have The Ghita Sisters curate the next installment in the Robotic Peacock Mix series, RPM 16. Listen to the exclusive mix below and enjoy!

Robotic Peacock: Tell us about your background – did you both always know you wanted to do something with music?

Ghita Sisters (Andrea): Music has been a huge part of our lives since we were kids. Our entire family had emigrated from Romania to Metro Detroit, so our European heritage has certainly had an impact on us in that regard. Our older brother was the one to really spark our interest in music, electronics and video games. I think growing up in the 90’s era helped shape our tastes. Initially, music didn’t strike us as something that we could actually pursue. For us music was a form of expression, but as we grew older it came to hold a much heavier purpose in our lives.

How did you two get into DJing?

Monica: We were tinkering with mixing and sampling on a pretty basic scale throughout high school. When Andrea turned eighteen, we started going out to shows together and we fell in love with how the music moved us – physically and emotionally. Soon we were researching equipment and teaching ourselves the fundamentals. Less than a year later, we were living downtown together and we reached out for our first opportunity to play. From that experience, we had the pleasure of meeting a handful of Detroit’s local talent who pushed us to keep learning and pursuing the craft.

How has growing up in Detroit influenced you as DJs?

Andrea: Growing up just a shot away from the city exposed us to Detroit culture and the city’s musical roots at an early age. That’s been a major factor in how our tastes have developed and evolved. There is such a vast variety of art and music in Detroit that forms this sense of pride and community like we’ve never experienced elsewhere. We are very fortunate to have become surrounded by a plethora of multifaceted artists, producers, and DJs alike who have continuously inspired and supported us. We’re incredibly grateful and humbled.

Tell us about the dynamic behind the decks… how do your music styles differ? And how do those differences play out when you guys DJ together?

Monica: We’ve developed pretty varying tastes from one another. I’d have to say that I lean a little more toward the house sound – soulful vocals and bouncy rhythms. Andrea tends to favor the darker, techno-oriented styles. It’s a challenge and a thrill all the same when we’re working on the spot to blend our sounds together. You get a little taste of both of our styles and personalities all in one set.

Any memorable moments or highlights from your gigs that you could share with us?

Andrea: This past summer was extremely busy for us. In one night, we ended up playing something like three gigs in a span of six hours. That was definitely a first for us. The energy from venue to venue was so incredible and it kept us going. That entire summer has stuck out to me as a totem of how far Monica and I have come together. Overall, it’s been very emotional and encouraging reflecting on the progress we’ve made over the past few years.

Do you have a favorite venue(s) in Detroit?

Monica: I don’t think we could truly choose a favorite . Each venue in Detroit has its own special qualities and each of them offers a unique experience. I think that’s what keeps Detroit’s music scene fresh and interesting. It’s kind of impossible to choose a solid favorite.

Any upcoming gigs or releases our readers should know about?

Andrea: Coming up next is Ardalan at TV Lounge on Saturday, February 25th alongside local Detroit artists Marshall Applewhite, The Friend and Twin Cousin. Getting the opportunity to play at TV is always a treat, so we’re really looking forward to this one. Next up after that is the Grenadier One-Year Anniversary at Grenadier Club on Saturday, March 4th. That night will include a slew of local, back-to-back talent for a very proper anniversary celebration. As for releases, we’ve been working hard the past few years in forming and molding our sound, so be on the lookout for some original material from us this year.

Tell us about the mix you made for us.

Monica: This mix is the second volume of a series that we’ve sought to curate over the past couple of years. It’s a mixture of slow, funky vibes that leads into heavy vocals and basslines. We tend to put a lot of heart and soul into our music – this particular mix is raw and emotional, and definitely aims to hit you right in the heart.

Anton Borin – Slow Down
Anton Borin – You
Sivey – Mindlock
Dirty Radio – Numbers (Caden Jester Remix)
Bronze Whale – Love To Feel ft. Khai (Jengi Beats Remix)
Leon Lour – Lost In Here
Jengi Beats – True
All About She – Higher (Grant Nelson Remix)
Adam Foster – Don’t Give It Up ft. Daniela (Astero Remix)
Ella Eyre – If I Go (Billon Remix)
Billon – Love Me In A Different Way
Sammy Porter – True Colors ft. Grace Fleary (Ali Emm Remix)
Tierap – Don’t You Say You Love Me
Billon – Special ft. Maxine Ashley
Endor – In Reality