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Posted by on Jul 9, 2014 in Music, Reviews | 1 comment

Beat Buzz: Guy Gerber & Diddy Present 11 11

Beat Buzz: Guy Gerber & Diddy Present 11 11

artworks-000083914486-ic4c09-t500x500A number known to have magical powers, to signify a spiritual presence, or to represent the powerful force of synchronicity, 11 11 has frequently been heralded as a special number. Now, for the music community, 11 11 is more than a number. It is the meeting of the minds of two of the most outspoken and significant figureheads of two seemingly separate genres. 11 11 is Guy Gerber and Diddy’s collaboration, and after much buzz and skepticism we are finally able to hear one of the fruits of the pair’s labors.

“My Heart” is the track – one that’s aimed straight for the solar plexus. A touching yet booty-shake-inducing track led by Gerber’s charismatic synth lines and Diddy’s emotional vocal snippets, “My Heart” conveys several universal truths such as fear, doubt, and self-actualization. It’s dark, it’s raw, and it’s sure to stop the naysayers dead in their tracks. It’s a clear projection of Gerber’s dream of underground house and Diddy’s whole-hearted support of it.

The full-length project is due for release soon, followed by a documentary on the project produced by VICE and their electronic off-shoot, Thump. This track certainly leaves us wanting more. Hear it for yourself below and follow Guy Gerber on Facebook for more previews and news.

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  1. nice, always finding awesome nu music from these articles. ^-^

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