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Posted by on Aug 1, 2013 in Featured, Music | 0 comments

Party Hype: Marco Carola’s Music On

Party Hype: Marco Carola’s Music On

Marco Carola’s successful party, Music On, is back for a special sophomore year in the White Isle. This season Carola introduces a fascinating concept based around 16 handcrafted sculptures made from 100% natural materials that represents the ideology that lies at the heart of the event—it’s all about the music.

“Music On represents me 100%; Music On is an extension of myself. Its greatest philosophy is to do everything for the love and passion of music. The soul is very important and the feelings five it that special touch, which makes you feel party of the history of music. Ibiza is the most important place in the world for music, it’s where you have the best opportunity to project it to a global audience. It’s a pleasure, a party that represents who I am, my vision alongside other artists who I also consider to be great representative of the music nowadays.” – Marco Carola

Music On has commissioned the production of 16 beautifully crafted sculptures, which are made from a variety of organic, recycled materials; from the remains of a collapsed stone wall to a pine tree struck by lightning to the building blocks of an abandoned railroad to the oldest alpaca wool. The skeleton of a historic workshop, the iron from a centuries old machine, banned incandescent light bulbs, a block of tufa from a three-thousand year old open quarry, and finally the Etna basalt – the materials used to execute these incredible sculptures have been collected together by the finest Italian craftsmen, with each logo becoming an integral part of Music On.

16 sculptures represent 16 weeks of Music On, each having their own story. Similarly, the DJs who will be playing at Music On will be using their hands, minds, hearts and souls to create an unforgettable experience for partygoers. You can see the full list below (click to enlarge):

3gk1_MusicOnLineUp2013_2 Partygoers can stay connected with Music On events through their mobile app now available in the iOS App Store.

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