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Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Music, Reviews | 0 comments

Midnight Snack #26: Liston – Skyscraper

Midnight Snack #26: Liston – Skyscraper

Bright new talent Liston has a knack for forward-thinking music. His captivating new EP Skyscraper is a prime example. The 4-track release, out now on Melodica Recordings, is a reminder of how far the edges of electronic music reach. Its experimental and edgy, but natural and seemingly effortless. Liston’s background in a wide variety of genres, from hip-hop to classical piano to underground house, is evident, but he manages to craft a sound that’s all his own.

MELOR038_01The EP opens with “Journey,” a melody-driven track that is both transformational and tranquil. It gives the listener a sense of Liston’s ear for detail, which is evident through all four tracks. The well laid out percussion hits perfectly complement the track’s advanced synth lines. “Journey” ends with a masterful fade out, and “Autumnal” literally picks up where it left off through the help of sweeping chimes and resonant chords. A more solid yet shuffled beat drives this track through its six minute duration, creating a mood of calm introspection. “Autumnal” is kind of like a cross between lounge and downtempo with pepperings of house to keep the energy up.

Title track “Skyscraper” is next and multiplies the hypnotic vibe of the previous two. It could easily be the backing track to an epic dream. It instantly relaxes your mind and lets it wander into uncharted territory. The track’s extended pads, arpeggiated lead, and staccatto percussion make for a lovely listening experience that should be repeated several times in order to fully digest. Closing the EP are the rich and developed sounds of “Temperate,” a track which could be played at 3AM on a college radio station or dropped in the middle of an ambient-leaning DJ set.

The subtleties of Skyscraper grab hold of your mind and keep your attention the whole way through. Its a real treat for any electronic musician. Simply press play below and enjoy.

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