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RPM #6: Louis Guilliaume

RPM #6: Louis Guilliaume

Seasoned producer Louis Guilliaume first caught our ears in November with his captivating Sweet Dreams EP. Since then, we’ve been keeping in touch, consistently impressed with his output, and invited him to be the next guest mixer in our RPM Series. The result is real-deal, raw techno, which can be heard below. We also had the chance to catch up with him and learn more about his upcoming releases and awesome record collection.

Unknown Forces EP on Soundtravels Recordings

Unknown Forces EP on Soundtravels Recordings

RP: Tell us a little about what you’re up to right now. Remixes, releases, etc and where we can find them!
LG: There are a couple of things I’m waiting for that are about to be released in the coming months. I have an EP on the Dutch label Soundtravels Recordings, you can check it out here. Also the guys from Skudge are releasing an EP on Skudge White. That’s going to be under a new alias, Elsen. Singapore-based label Midnight Shift will also release my material, first on a split EP with Eduardo de la Calle on the other side, and then later this year my own EP. And last but not least I will be releasing a more soulful/deep house EP on Paul Cottam’s new label Ruff Draft.

There are also a couple of remixes coming, 1st to be released are the Seldom Felt (an alias I worked under as a collective) remixes we did for Skudge. I also made a remix for Bluredism‘s “The Way The World Goes,” released on Teng Records. ever since I heard the track I was in love with it so I was very happy to get my hands on it. For the release on Soundtravels you might have to check their website but for the others you’ll probably find them in the better (online) record shops.

You have an impressive and diverse record collection. Where are your favorite places to find records?
Thanks, I try to keep it interesting 🙂 ..  I think everywhere.. Just love to dig, so everywhere I go I always am on the lookout for record shops, markets, and 2nd hand stores but when I’m [home] in Rotterdam I usually go to Pim of Clone Records. I met him the 1st time I went to Clone and he immediately picked the records I liked.. and he still does 🙂 Amazing. Another store I love to go to is Demonfuzz Records, most of the time these guys have everything on my list.. Old soul, jazz, funk, disco.. Their collection is huge.

What made you want to start collecting?
I don’t know.. I think I just rolled into it. First I only bought some Rap but mostly House and Techno (Detroit/Chicago influenced). Then I got to know the mixes and music of Theo Parrish and then it all started I think.. I got to know the originators.. Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, Ron Hardy, Steve “Silk” Hurley and also Boo Williams, there was a whole new world opening up for me.. So much good music I didn’t have, groups/bands/artists I didn’t know the names of, or where to find them. It became a real obsession, and it never stopped.. Hope it never will too 🙂

How would you describe the mood of this mix?
I think it would best be described as raw “sucking you in to the party” music.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Making more music of course, more releases and remixes. Maybe a restart of my label but what I’m really aiming for this year is gigs and performances. I really would love to go out and rock the house somewhere.


louis rpm 6

RPM #6: Louis Guilliaume

01. Beanfield / Interlude no. 21102
02. Joey Anderson / Party In I The Kitchen
03. DJ Qu / Be Who You Want
04. Mark Broom / She Don’t Like The Collar (Markus Suckut Remix)
05. The Traveller / Bypass
06. Damon Wild / Avion (Marcel Dettmann Mix)
07. Kenny Larkin / Q
08. Shawn Rudiman / Rhythm Sexy
09. S’ Express / Theme From S’Express (Carl Craig Special Birthday Remix)
10. Robert Hood / Drive (The Age Of Automation) (Phase Nocturnal Mix)
11. Roman Lindau / Crasse
12. Roy Orbison & Boddika / Froth
13. Locked Groove / Drowning
14. Robert Hood / Black Technician (UR Mad Mike Remix)
15. Sleeparchive / A Man Dies In The Street 1
16. Paul Birken / Funnel Fiends
17. DJ Rush / Waitress With The Big Tits
18. Steve Rachmad / Ignacio

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