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Posted by on Jul 2, 2014 in Featured, Interviews, Music | 0 comments

RPM #8: Mik Santoro

RPM #8: Mik Santoro

Hailing from Bologna, Italy, DJ & producer Mik Santoro always has his sights set on the future of dance music. In an effort to advance its sound, Mik Santoro is gradually introducing the world to an arsenal of fresh blood via his label, Ampispazi Records. Currently the Italian producer is based in Berlin, where he has further developed his imprint, supremely focused on releasing up-and-coming producers from all over the world. The ideal that “it’s all about the music” resonates through every Ampispazi release, as listeners are treated to a truly unique listening experience from artists unknown. In addition to running his own label, Santoro has taken on a Music Manager role for Amazing Records, an imprint he also releases music on. This year sees the rise of his new label, Kimera Records, as well as a slew of incredible talent being released on the Ampispazi brand. We caught up with the busy Italian to learn a bit more about his move to Berlin and discover more about his side projects. For our next installment of the Robotic Peacock Mix (RPM) series, Mik Santoro offers an exclusive mix full of dancefloor gems and his personal favorites. Enjoy!

RPM #8: Mik Santoro by Robotic Peacock on Mixcloud

RP: Hi Mik, where are you speaking to us from today?
MS: Hi, Currently I am in my studio in Berlin…I don’t go away from here very often to be honest 😉

You made the move from your home country of Italy to Berlin. What made you decide to make the change? Has it influenced your music style?
The latest years in Milan were very difficult. After a shining start, times became really difficult in my country, in economical and political ways. This affected my thoughts and my creativity radically and I started searching for a new inspiring place. Berlin was the answer to my search. Berlin is where I first met MiniCoolBoyz. We were working, hanging out together and partying. I was discovering Berlin for the first time and it radically changed my vision of music, bringing my style into a darker and more techno mood. Finally, I really love the minimal dub / deep side of the city’s dance floors, it reminds me of the grooves of my first vinyls mixed with a deep and charming sound. Therefore I decided to also start a new label project which will be released in September.

If I had to describe “my” Berlin, I would describe it with the following three words: inspiration, creativity and connections.

Tell us about the music philosophy behind your label, Ampispazi Recordings.
My work is focusing on the really talented artists around the globe and taking care of them, giving them space and freedom to create, our relationship is built on trust and friendship. My imprint started in a time that the electronic music industry was changing. After a long period the on decks, suddenly digital arrived and revolutionized the industry, creating tons of new so called “artists” and “labels.”  That was the time when I decided to create AMP to face this industry with love for music and also for my artists. In those years I found a really good team of artists that are really close to the label.

Any upcoming releases on Ampispazi our readers should know about?
All of them of course! We are not making fast-food music, also if we release twice a month, our work is always professional and made with love.

Any upcoming gigs?
Berlin changed my point of view: I focus on producing and managing, recording studio podcasts and radio shows, rather than listening to thousand of promos and spin in some club every weekend! Of course, it’s only a period, you will see me live behind decks again very soon.

Tell us a little bit about the exclusive mix you made.
You will find a very “unusual” Mik Santoro in this set, as I’m playing lots of tracks that I never used before in public but that I always loved for different reasons.

Follow Mik on Soundcloud for more tunes, and check out all of the lovely past RPMs here!

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