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Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Biz/Tech, Featured, Gear, Music, Shows |

Movement 2014 Tech Area Highlights

Movement 2014 Tech Area Highlights

Movement Electronic Music Festival will feature a Tech Area again this year with some great new additions to their featured equipment manufacturers, and we’re pretty excited to get our hands on the gear. Let’s take a look:

Roland has made some waves in the past year with their Aira line of devices. The TR-8 drum machine can emulate the classic drum machines used by early house and techno pioneers. The TB-3 is a bass synth designed to emulate the classic acid-house TB-303. The VT-3 is an FX unit specifically designed for vocoder style vocal modification. Finally, the System-1 is a compact synth capable of playing in a stand-alone configuration, or hosting any of Roland’s upcoming plug-in synths such as the SH-101.

Subpac & Sennheiser Team Up
Subpac returns to Movement in 2014 with some new twists. Subpac is a personal subwoofer that straps on your chair to deliver low frequency content. The Silent Disco will feature a Listening Station sponsored by Ford and Sennheiser. Festival goers will get to sit down, put on some headphones and experience the low frequencies the Subpac transmits to your body while some high-caliber DJs choose the tunes.

Paxahau, Movement’s production company, also organized and promoted the electronic music festival, Moogfest, last month with great success. It is no surprise to see Moog prominently featured in this year’s tech area. Hopefully they load up the insane replica of the Emerson Moog modular system or at least bring a shiny new prototype of the Sub 37 for the festival goers to play with.

Keith McMillen Instruments
The QuNexus was recently introduced as a MIDI keyboard with control voltage input/output and accelerometers to allow the user to move the keyboard for extra control. This looks like a very robust and useful product, be sure to check it out!

SynthArk is a company who records many vintage synths for producers. With their attention to detail in recording/distributing their synth samples, any producer can harness the power of vintage synths without spending huge amounts of money on the actual hardware.

Detroit Modular
Detroit Modular sells modular synth components and should have some neat gear set up to demo. This includes the Eurorack modular and pre-built synthesizers. Detroit Modular focuses squarely on the modern electronic music producer.

Native Instrument’s Traktor software will be on display in the Tech Area. Be sure to check out the recently updated S2 and S4 DJ controllers.

Ableton returns to Movement in 2014 to demonstrate Ableton Live 9 and their Push controller. Anyone interested in Ableton’s new capabilities (such as dual monitor support) should check out their setup.

Dubspot is a cutting-edge music production and DJ school based out of NYC. Some of the best (free) resources on the internet for DJs and producers are the Dubspot production masterclasses, like this one with Claude VonStroke.

Any self-respecting DJ knows Allen & Heath’s Xone line of mixers, headphones and MIDI controllers. Be sure to check out their booth at this year’s Movement!

Novation has products for everyone. From the classic, analog Bass Station II, to the slick, new UltraNova and their innovative line of MIDI controllers and control surfaces have made a serious impact on modern producers.

The App
Movement fans can stay up-to-date on just about everything with the free Movement 2014 smartphone app, available here. The innovative app allows you to customize your own schedule, capture the moment with the postcard feature, share meet-up spots with friends with the “Friend Finder” option, dive into all on-site activities, and explore the official afterparty options.

To find out more about Movement and to purchase tickets, click here.
Photo by Douglas Wojciechowski