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Posted by on Jul 29, 2014 in Biz/Tech, Featured |

5 Cool Things About the Numark NV

5 Cool Things About the Numark NV

Earlier this month, Numark announced their forthcoming DJ controller NV, one that very well may set the standard for all controllers to come. The sleek 4-deck system comes packaged with Serato DJ, the program which will be replacing Serato’s Scratch Live after it was discontinued earlier this year. One glance at the NV and it’s clear that it could revolutionize the way controllers are viewed by the music community. Here are 5 of its most revolutionary qualities.

numark_nv_rear_1200x750-624x3905. Its Connectivity
NV hosts both booth and master RCA and balanced XLR outputs, making it a breeze to connect to basically any system today’s DJ utilizes. It also comes with a mic input and dual headphone outputs so a B2B set can be performed on the fly.

4. Its Effects
No other controller can boast on-board effects by iZotope, some of our favorites in the studio. Their rich, complex plug-ins will add a high-quality sound to every set. Say goodbye to generic delays! What makes it even better is that they’re controlled by…

300x240_knobs3. Its Touch-Sensitive Knobs
Numark introduced its groundbreaking touch-activated controls and pressure-sensitive pads on the NS7II, but they get to fully shine on the NV. They allow for virtually endless options for effect layering and intensity due to the fact that you can control with twists, taps, and a combination of the two.

2. Its Velocity-Responsive Pads
Much like NI’s Traktor Kontrol F1, NV comes with 16 pads just ready to be programmed. With a whopping 10 modes, you can control remix clips, loop lengths, hot cues, and even do some live drumming. This is a controller built for taking your performance to the next level.

numark-nv-screen-detail-640x3691. Its 4.3 Inch Screens
Unlike any controller before it, NV allows the user to perform with their laptop completely out of sight. The dual screens each host a 1:1, real-time feed of Serato DJ, complete with decks, effects, waveforms, library browsing and more. Your eyes never have to shift from the gear to the computer again. This complete immersion allows for much smoother use of the on-board knobs and pads since they’re all in one place.

NV is due out alongside Serato DJ 1.5 in October 2014 for the reasonable price of $699.99. Like Numark on Facebook to stay updated!