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Posted by on Aug 6, 2013 in Biz/Tech, Featured, Gear, News | 0 comments

Pulselocker Launches Web-Based Music Service

Pulselocker Launches Web-Based Music Service

With a library containing upwards of four million tracks, Pulselocker is hoping to capture digital DJs by offering them a unique web-based music service.

Features + Benefits:

  • Pulselocker lets you try out full tracks before you buy them and members can stream the entire Pulselocker catalog on demand. This is a huge selling point for DJs, who not only want to hear a 30 second clip of the melody, but need to hear the lead-in and lead-out grooves for mixing purposes.
  • When songs are downloaded, they are put into your “Locker”— a special folder on your computer—where you can access them through DJ software like Traktor Pro or Serato Scratch Live and play them offline as you would any other digital music files. What makes this feature amazing is that you can sync the contents of your Locker with any computer.
  • Depending on your subscription, you can keep up to 1,000 songs on your computer at a time. You can buy the tracks you like and the one you grow tired of or don’t like, you can swap out for new ones. This feature gives DJs the opportunity to keep only the tracks they really like. It encourages a clean, up-to-date library and makes preparing for a set much easier.
  • The service still has a social-networking component where members can follow artists, labels, and genres—a service that is set to expand over the next year.

Pulselocker is now available, with subscriptions starting at $9.99 for a 25-track Locker.

Watch the video below for a brief explanation of how the Locker works.

For more videos, like “Live Sessions,” where DJs use Pulselocker in a DJ set, and “A Day in the Life,” where DJs are interviewed about inspirations and their thoughts on Pulselocker, visit their YouTube channel.

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