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Posted by on Oct 9, 2015 in Featured, Music, Reviews |

Release Rundown 7: 3024, Omnidisc & Figure

Release Rundown 7: 3024, Omnidisc & Figure

12inchdiscosleeve [Converted]Release: Spectrums Vol. 1
Artist: Erosion Flow
Label: 3024

One listen to the future-funk of Norwegian upstart Erosion Flow and it’s clear why his latest release, Spectrums Vol. 1, found a home on Martyn‘s deliciously eclectic 3024 label. From start to finish, this one’s intriguing, powerful, and fun all at once. Our favorite is the first track “Da Heckler” which will get you all revved up thanks to its spacey synths, bubbly bass, and shuffling beats. The second, “Gamma,” is a wild techy ride you’ll want to listen to again and again (and discover something new each time). “Emeralds” closes things out with a bang. Industrial clangs and tension-building pads are just two of several elements which combine to form something truly unique. If you’re brave enough to venture off the beaten electronic path, this is for you. And Mr. Flow, you nailed it. We’re anxiously awaiting Vol. 2.


unnamedRelease: Street Dub
Artist: Len Faki
Label: Figure

One of modern techno’s most sought-after DJ/producers Len Faki returns to his own imprint Figure Music to drop a trio of versions of his captivating track “Street Dub,” perfectly primed for the label’s 70th (!) release. Faki is known for his attention to detail in production, and “Street Dub” is a worthy example of it. Every sound is balanced and fine-tuned without coming off as over-produced. The original mix has enough rough edges to be ready for a peak-time dance floor but enough depth and melody to be adored to even those who aren’t typically fond of techno. “Street Dub (Version)” is more straight-forward than its counterparts sound-wise, but still takes listeners on a satisfying sonic journey. Rounding out the single is the “(Ambience)” version which strips down the original to showcase some of the track’s most tender elements. Add it to your DJ tool bag right now. Do yourself a favor and check out this true master of his craft on his home base.


coverRelease: Transgender
Artist: Schmutz
Label: Omnidisc

Let’s just preface this by saying this analog-loving duo is playing Berghain. On Halloween. So put your party pants on and dig right in to Transgender! Warm melodies and throbbing percussion fill this 3-tracker with high-quality spunk. Starting things off is “Transgender,” the type of track which you definitely want to hear in a sweaty, dark warehouse at 5 AM on a Sunday. Lose yourself in its arpeggiated synths and hypnotic rhythms. Middle track “Cartographer” is nothing short of wiggly sonic bliss. Close your eyes and slip into its vibrant parallel reality. Lastly, “Blue Dust” could easily be the soundtrack to an off-kilter 60s spy movie or an earlier episode of “Breaking Bad,” give it a go any time you need a little extra nugget of delightful weirdness. Put this Irish duo on your radar and give your brain and your ears a welcome refresh with these tracks.