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Posted by on Mar 6, 2015 in Featured, Music, Reviews | 1 comment

Release Rundown 2 – Deepchild, Will & Held, Jona Sol, Rights

Release Rundown 2 – Deepchild, Will & Held, Jona Sol, Rights

HD041_layout-11cRelease: Golden Moments in American Manufacturing
Artist: Deepchild
Label: Harmonious Discord

This gem of a release is yet another example of Deepchild‘s uncanny ability to make mechanical music that oozes with equal parts intelligence and soul. Both original tracks “Vulcanised” and “Golden Moments in American Manufacturing” are solid cuts of techno which can be properly enjoyed via headphones and club sound systems alike. Full of his signature undulating basslines, filtered vocal samples, and percussion which gets under your skin, it’s no doubt we’ll be hearing them in forthcoming sets of techno’s elite. The trio of remixers featured on the EP each add their own flavors to the tracks, from warehouse vibes of Ill76 to the fast funk of Gaunt to the deep melodies of PointBender (who threw down one of our favorite sets of 2014). Full of twist and turns and timeless sounds, this is definitely one which will be in our heavy rotation playlist for a good long while.


SP001 - SleeveRelease: Ours EP
Artist: Will & Held
Label: Spinning Plates

New is limitless. New comes without expectations, and new is refreshing. This haunting 4-track EP comes to us from the new duo of Will & Held, formed of Will Berridge and Richard Meller AKA Held on the new vinyl-only label Spinning Plates. The pair use warm analog tones create multi-dimensional music which still leaves space for the imagination. From the slow-burning minimalism of “Buoys” to the captivating and emotional “Ours” and the vast ambient soundscape “Tape,” these boys clearly have plenty to express and have found the perfect medium to do so. The release’s remix comes from esteemed producer Trus’Me, who leaves no stone unturned in his club-ready ‘Zonsondergang’ mix of the title track, perfect for after-hours jams. We highly recommend supporting this welcome breath of fresh air by buying it in the form it was meant for, 180 gram vinyl.


Zona Sul EP1 - IBIXA COVERRelease: Neighbourhood EP
Artist: Jona Sul
Label: Southern Fried Records

Brighton’s Jona Sul is flexing his music muscle with his stunning 2-track offering on Southern Fried Records. The first release for the imprint this year, Neighbourhood EP is adventurous in both sound and structure.

Title track “Neighbourhood” opens the release with displaced beats and adds layers of elaborate drum patterns, salty symbols, and atmospheric vocals that make one feel as if they’re coming from the clouds. These airy vox are juxtaposed with a subterranean sub bass that will rumble the dancefloor it’s played upon.

Syncopated beats continue on “Long 20’s” as the listener begins to think “oh, well this will be a hard track to mix with” but as sounds grow into melodies and more sonic textures are applied, it’s evident that the question does not matter because the music playing creates these gorgeous soundscapes that swallow the listeners mind. As one intently listens without interrupted thoughts, an appreciation for the intricacies in this track develops. It oozes of emotion and yet operates on the highest levels of production and technique. Jona Sul has made quite an impression and we can’t wait to see what he does next. Check out this cool video of his song “Neighbourhood.”

im028-rightsRelease: The Meaning EP
Artist: Rights (Braille + Seafloor)
Label: Infinite Machine

In this beautifully blossomed collaboration, Braille (1/2 of Sepalcure alongside Machinedrum) teams up with Brooklyn-based Seafloor for a glorious 7-track release on Infinite Machine entitled, The Meaning EP.

Opening track “Cold in the B” sets the mood with emotionally charged vocals, fluid synth sequences, and hollow basslines that carve their way through the song. Flirting between the lines of many genres, one cannot be bogged down trying to categorize this music.  Stimulating the senses is the next track, “Heartbeat,” featuring sensual vocals, brights synth chords, crispy percussion and booty-shaking basslines. “I Believe” keeps your heart-racing with a nasty sub bass that would make the most pious priest bust a move. This track got err’body believin’. Music is the answer! Bringing the sexy time vibes is “On the Phone” with a progressive-inspired synth running down the spine of the track, wobbly bass tones, and dirty vocal clips saying, “I wanna fuck you.”  Caution: dancefloor will get HOT. “Can’t Forget” blends up-tempo rhythms with garage-inspired vocals to create a nice breakdown track for a club. Rounding out the release is “Understand the Meaning” a slow-roller highlighted by stagnated synths, atmospheric background vocals, penetrative basslines. With a stellar first effort, we hope this duo continues to collaborate.

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