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Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in Featured, Music, Reviews | 0 comments

Release Rundown 6: Anjunadeep, Kyubu, Madhouse & More

Release Rundown 6: Anjunadeep, Kyubu, Madhouse & More


Clarian Kill For Love EP ArtworkRelease: Kill For Love EP
Artist: Clarian
Label: Anjunadeep

This dynamic 3-tracker from underground favorite Clarian is the perfect soundtrack to summer daydreams. Continuing the streak of lovely releases on Anjunadeep, Kill For Love features tantalizing synths, spacey vocals, and perfectly-sprinkled bits of percussion. The title track starts it off, delighting the listener with hypnotic keyboard lines and a steady groovy bass. You’ll surely get lost in the acid-twinged “Lucid Dreamers.” It’d be the ideal soundtrack to Fear and Loathing if it were set in Ibiza and the author took several chill pills. Closing out the release is “I Was Born in Outer Space,” where layers of wistful sound build on top of an inescapable shuffling drum sequence. If you’re into surreal-but-sensual beats or just need something to curb the anxiety that comes while waiting for the weekend to arrive, definitely pick this one up.


KYB010Release: Mali EP
Artist: Digital Marks
Label: Kyubu Records

It can be very difficult to express a musical vision in two tracks, but nobody told that to Digital Marks. The Mali EP will make you feel some pretty powerful things for its 15 minute duration. Things like desire, love, and the urge to pack your bags and make a bee-line to Lithuania to see this duo live. This release is captivating, unique, and simply a joy to listen to. Every little sound is placed with care into its perfect slot. The title track is peppered with African-influenced percussion and expansive synths. On the flip side, “Tokyo” paints a clear vision of its namesake city. These tracks are well-suited for sunrise sets or any time you need to close your eyes and escape into a dark, introspective place.


TF032Artwork_updateRelease: Gryning
Artist: Ishivu
Label: Trunkfunk Records

Delving into experimental waters is this well-rounded release from Sweden’s Ishivu. The title track lays down the vibes immediately. Fun fact, “Gryning” means “dawn” in Swedish (didn’t think you were gonna learn something useful in this post, did you?). Funky samples and warm pads create a playful atmosphere, leaving you feeling ready for an adventure. “Skymning,” meaning “dusk” is next, and literal birdsongs help set the tone of a day coming to an end. Moog-alicious bass lines and warbling arpeggiated synths fill out the rest of the soundscape. A pair of “Gryning” remixes close out the release, the first coming from sought-after producer Matt Karmil, who emphasizes the moving melodies of the original to create an emotional but fun track perfect for opening sets. Shakarchi & Straneus deliver their version next, turning it into an exciting house cut.


heaven_pt1_1400Release: Running on Kaoz Street EP
Artist: Demarkus Lewis
Label: Madhouse Records

Madhouse has a knack for releasing some of the finest high-energy house music around. This one is brought to us by one of our southern hometown’s local heroes, Demarkus Lewis, who’s made a name for himself in the international house community. Kicking things off is “Okay,” a classic-sounding track with lots of spunk. “Playing It For You” is next, showcasing Lewis’ soulful style and love of chords. Stick around for closing cut “Body High,” which just as its vocal says it’ll make you “feel so good.” Bouncy stabs and bright percussion make it a memorable track. Save this one for when you’re in need of an afternoon pick-me-up.

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