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Posted by on Jan 8, 2016 in Featured, Music, Reviews |

Release Rundown 8: Desert Hearts, Zombie Soundsystem, Invade & More

Release Rundown 8: Desert Hearts, Zombie Soundsystem, Invade & More

Happy 2016 to those of you we haven’t had the chance to wish it to yet! Here are some of our current favorite fresh and upcoming releases. Enjoy!


coverArtist: Dance Spirit & David Scuba
Release: Dust EP
Label: Desert Hearts

Release Date: 01.05

We became huge fans of Dance Spirit & David Scuba when we heard “Soul Selector” a couple years back, and we’re thrilled to say they’re back and better than ever with three roaring tracks on Dust.

Opening the release is “Dust,” a monster of a track with distorted vocals and deep, driving basslines that hypnotize your limbs into dance-mode. “Cactus Clouds” follows in the same vein, with tripped out vocals and sub-bass that will send seismic shakes on even the biggest of dancefloors. Mirage rounds out the impressive trifecta of tracks with toe-curling hi-hats that tickle your eardrums, penetrative basslines that roll through the spine of the song, and EFX that sound like something you would hear out of a highly advanced R2 unit. Take that, Star Wars.


coverRelease: Magneta EP
Artist: Miss Melera
Label: Chapter 24 Records
Release Date: 01.15

Dutch darling Miss Melera has been on the scene for a decade and has made her way onto lineups of some of the world’s finest clubs and festivals and is making it clear that she’s a production force to be reckoned with as well. Case in point: Magenta.

The release’s title track will surely find its way into all sorts of sets this year due to its driving beat, spacious bassline, and primly-produced synths of various types. Other original “Mint” delivers a rather Balearic beat coupled with lots of deep and whirring sounds… Dare we say it’s dark progressive house for the next generation? Both of the release’s remixes do not mess either. House music pioneer Dave Seaman delivers a heavy-hitting version of “Magenta” which restructures the melody of the original from positive to brooding. We can’t wait to hear it on a club sound system! Jonas Saalbach‘s soulful, dreamy remix of “Mint” perfectly rounds out the release and leaves us wanting more. (PS. We love the artwork!)


coverRelease: 8 Channels
Artist: Jay Tripwire
Label: Zombie Soundsystem
Release Date: 01.11

This mesmerizing release has a pretty amazing story behind it. Here’s what its creator has to say:

The album is based on the mathematic equations of the Glorious Golden Ratio. Each song’s MIDI parts were added up to get a number and then the titles were based on its correlation to the charts of the Golden radio which exists in all things. There is also a sacred geometry pattern that coincides with each ratio and each song has its own pattern in the meaning of life. Every single song is written in healing frequencies to raise our vibration. This is not just music – it is designed to raise your consciousness.

The tracks are truly each unique and satisfying. Taking them in goes beyond listening, it’s a full-body experience you feel in your nerves, bones, and passageways. We couldn’t be more pleased with this body of work, both as students of sacred geometry and lovers of next-level sounds. It goes beyond the typical barriers of techno, tech-house, and house music in all the best ways. This is a case of electronic music doing what it does best, uniting people in ways that stretch into the spiritual. Go on and take this one in, maybe use it as a soundtrack for yoga or meditation. Whatever you do, just feel it for yourself.


coverRelease: Identity
Artist: Stekke
Label: OLGA
Release Date: 01.22

Kicking off the year with a simply delicious three-track Identity EP are Brazilian music-makers Stekke on the brand new label OLGA – brought to us by the fine folks at São Paulo’s D-EDGE Records and D-EDGE club. The club’s recent lineup featured favorites such as Apollonia, Zip, and Carl Craig, and the new label describes themselves as “inspired by Techno, its origins, culture, and art in a multi-sensory approach” getting us all excited to feast our ears on what it would offer.

It doesn’t disappoint in the least. Dark, deep sounds emanate from Identity. The first track “Who Are You” is a swirling, dubby concoction of distorted vocals, ethereal synths, and groovy percussion. “TLP” follows in the same deep vein, but peppers in dabs of harder and more driving sounds, making it perfect for sunrise DJ sets. Closing out is a rumbly collaboration with Ney Faustini which will satisfy the cravings of any techno lover. Be on the lookout for everyone involved in this release, because it’s clear they mean business.


INV008 ArtworkArtist: Mystic Bill
Release: Take Me Back (The Remixes) EP
Label: Invade Reords

Release Date: 12.04

Twenty-six years after Mystic Bill’s classic dance music anthem “Take Me Back” was released, Invade Records has re-released the iconic acid track alongside two sharp-sounding remixes by techno luminary Ricardo Villalobos and Invade label boss Ilario Liburni.

First up, the Belgian-Italian Liburni offers up a heart-pounding re-work of “Take Me Back” defined by distorted vocals and wafer-like hi-hats that delicately float along intricately layered sub basslines. With so much similar-sounding original music floating around the internet, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear a remix that truly stands out on its own. This track will surely be played heavily at BPM.

Just as equally impressive in originality and likely to be played at BPM with as much frequency is Ricardo Villalobos’ beautifully crafted remix. A modernized take on acid, Villalobos put his brand on the track with a stripped-down mix of mechanical and melodic sounds that form a perfect aural union.