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Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in Featured, Music | 0 comments

RPM 10: Davide Zeta

RPM 10: Davide Zeta

Happy 2015! Our first RPM in the new year is a special one, as we kick it off with the 10th installment in our Robotic Peacock Mix Series. The latest mix was expertly crafted by Italian-born and UK-based DJ/Producer Davide Zeta (pka DZeta), who gained our attention when we heard his imprint’s (Decay Records) “Best of 2014 Compilation,” chock-full of intoxicating dance music from some of the scene’s most promising stars.

We caught up with Davide to learn more about his production endeavors, chat about the Decay label, find out upcoming tour dates, and discover the concept behind RPM#10. Press play and enjoy! ♥

RPM #10 By DZeta by Robotic Peacock on Mixcloud

RP: Hi Davide, where are you speaking to us from today?

Davide: Hi Jessica, from London:)

You made the move from your home country of Italy to London, England. What made you decide to make the change? Has it influenced your music style?

I lived in Italy during the highlight of the Italian club scene, which was back in the early/mid nineties and had a huge impact on my music culture. In those days American house was massive in Italy and I am still inspired today by the production of those days. Then moving to London was the cherry on the cake. The capital has such a wide range of influences from around the world and it gave me the chance to start developing my own sound.
When I first moved to London everything was more focused on the big clubs like Ministry, The End and The Cross, but I saw there was opportunity for me to grow in the underground scene.

About 5 years ago you started a side project with Italian producer, Claudio Basile, known as Dzeta N’ Basile. Was it an adjustment going from solo production to working with a partner? Tell us a little bit about the studio dynamics between the two of you.

I knew Claudio since the earlier days back in Italy and I was looking for someone who I could share my passion for music with. Interestingly enough, Claudio moved to London more or less around the same time as I did. Claudio was doing very well behind the decks and he had the residency at PASHA CLUB, London. I was a party animal and was always working on the promotions. We then decided to take on a course of Music Production at Point BlankAfter that, we never stopped making beats:) We often have different views of things, both in studio and behind the decks, but this is probably what makes our partnership stimulating all the time and never boring. We’re both very demanding when it comes to our work, I am more on the studio work and Claudio behind the decks.

Tell us about the music philosophy behind your label, Decay Records.

The philosophy behind the label is to release high quality dance music that I love from a variety of new talents and well-known producers which I’ve been involved with over the years in the industry. I knew what kind of music I wanted to release when I set up the label. It’s all about the right combination between house and techno with a dubby flavour.

Any upcoming Decay releases you would like to share?

Yeah, our big release is “THE BEST OF 2014” and it includes some of the most successful artists at the moment like: Hector Couto, Julien Sandre, Dave Pezzner, Franck Roger, Neverdogs, and Jay Tripwire to name a few. Also, the 2015 schedules are pretty much done and it’s going to be very exciting. We have some amazing artists on the label.

Any upcoming gigs our readers should know about?

Can’t really say yet but I am planning few showcases around Europe, including Paris, Barcelona and Ibiza.

Tell us a little bit about the exclusive mix you made.

The mix is basically what I like to play at the moment, very hypnotic melodic tech sounds mixed with some great house elements.

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