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Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Featured, Interviews, Music | 0 comments

RPM #11: Groovyman

RPM #11: Groovyman

Eastern Europe is a hotbed for underground dance music right now, with young new talent cropping up every year. One of the rising stars on our radar is Groovyman, a DJ/producer based in Belgrade, Serbia. A son of one of the first DJs in Belgrade, Groovyman grew up knowing he wanted to be a professional DJ/producer. Fast forward years later and his first release on SoSure Music has just dropped. Entitled Soul On Ice EP, this three-track offering is fit for the sexiest of dancefloors.

“Be Good,” croons with emotional electric piano chords, swirly synths, groovy basslines, and intoxicating vocals that drawn in the listener. This track will play out nicely at a daytime outdoors event. “Desire” is dynamic with multi-layered sounds that keep the listener on their toes throughout. Flute-inspired synths play down the spine of the track accompanied by a melodic bassline and soulful vocals hypnotizing the dancefloor saying, “I’m gonna light your fire, object of my desire- I know you want this, I know you like this.” Yes, we like it indeed! Groovyman speeds it up in “Dance With Me” a straight dancefloor cut that will get those molecules moving with its sharp basslines and choppy vocal clips. Impressed with this solid release, we took the opportunity to chat with Groovyman to learn more about him and his music style. He also made us an exclusive mix, which you can find below. Enjoy!

Robotic Peacock: You’re the son of one of the first DJs in Belgrade, Serbia. What was it like growing up with a DJ dad?  
Groovyman: It was very fun. My father is a musical encyclopedia and he instilled in me the knowledge about music from a very early age. I played around with turntables, vinyl and cassettes fantasizing that one day I would become a DJ too, but also make my own music. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without his positive influence in my life.

He obviously influenced your taste in music, but what about now? How have your musical interests evolved?
I listen to music anytime and anywhere. I really like to listen and analyze all genres and do not focus exclusively on one style. When I’m not working, I listen to other DJs, go to concerts, and am always looking for new music. For me, every day is an upgrade. In this job – both as a DJ and in production – the most important thing that we have to do is to build our own style and to push the boundaries.

Aside from being a producer/DJ, you’re also a professional athlete. Tell us about that endeavor and how you juggle these two activities.
I think I am very lucky because I have an opportunity to do jobs that I love, and when you love something, nothing is difficult. Before I started with fitness I was a professional hockey player, so sport has always been an important part of my life, through education and later as a life calling. It’s been hard to balance my music and my sport – sometimes the music suffers, sometimes the sport does. Over time I’ve learned to balance the 2 things well..

What’s your favorite thing to listen to when you’re getting you pumped up for a competition or just exercising?
While exercising, I listen to gentle music like funk and nu-disco. Light and quiet music helps me focus and relax.


Tell us about the concept behind your recent release Soul On Ice EP on SoSure.
It all started with “Desire” which came about very spontaneously and the guys from the label heard it Belgrade last year. Then working towards the EP, I wanted to do something a little different that would work on the dance floor from which “Dance With Me” came about. “Be Good” is nearest to me and I feel it the most of all from the 3 tracks on the release.

Any other upcoming releases our readers should know about?
I’ve done a remix for Dephlex to come out on SoSure Music and am also preparing a few new tracks at the moment. I’m full of positive energy when I think about production, so expect everything! 🙂

Any upcoming gigs? Tour dates?
We announced 2 dates to release the EP – one at Club Tesla in Zagreb on March 27th and one in Belgrade at Club Dot on March 28th. It will be good to do a launch party with the label in my home town. There is also a residency at Mint which is my favourite club in Belgrade. Pure underground.

Tell us about the mix you’ve made for us.
This mix is me really. It’s music that I like to listen to, that I like to play and to which I aspire in production. Funky, groovy, melodic. I had no plan for the mix. I just let things flow. I hope you enjoy it.



  1. Homework – Conquered Enemies / WOLFEP027
  2. Steve Mill – Born To Do This (Original Mix) / LAR201
  3. Nils Penner – I Can Be / FRD198
  4. Joss Moog – Secret Garden (Original Mix) / FWR004
  5. Thatmanmonkz – Make It Now / DOGD39
  6. Sebastian Davidson – Jonesys Bug / KRD113
  7. Boo Williams – Party Time / NPT14
  8. Rick Wade – Whistle Bump /HP012
  9. Kyodai – So Special / LT052
  10. Death on the Balcony – Addict For Your Love (Original Mix) / BJ010
  11. Mickey – You Know The Beat / EXPDIGITAL89
  12. Mennie – Murmur (Original Mix) / EXP00
  13. Randee Jean – You Got It (Original Vocal Mix) / ROYAL14

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