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Posted by on Sep 10, 2015 in Featured, Interviews, Music | 0 comments

RPM 13: Jai Biotic

RPM 13: Jai Biotic

JAIWhen you think of cities with strong dance music scenes in Florida your immediate thought is probably Miami, but Orlando’s nightlife is growing – especially the underground dance music circuit. Orlando-based DJ and producer Jai Biotic is at the core of O-town’s underground scene, regularly hosting events at cool spots like Sandwich Bar and more spiritually-driven events in the great outdoors. Aside from running a successful dance music label, Mos Gyegst, Jai Biotic also has a passion for cooking vegan and vegetarian foods. His events regularly include both a food aspect that highlights fresh ingredients and a spiritual element such as meditation, yoga or healing.

Ranging from breaks and booty bass to techno and beyond, Jai Biotic makes your body move when he’s on the decks. His sets are energetic and full of bangers that you’ll play on repeat. We’re thrilled to have him mix the next installation in our Robotic Peacock Mix (RPM) series featuring tunes from his Mos Gyegst label and bass-driven aural bombs from some of our favorites. Enjoy!

RP: Give us some background on your performance name, Jai Biotic. What does it mean / stand for?
JB: Well Jai Biotic has a few things about it that make it what it actually is. Jai is Sanskrit for victory and praise to the most high. Also, I’ve been known as Jae my whole life so it’s a spin off of that with an I to represent me and that were are all one. That’s also why there’s three Is in the whole name, Standing for I as myself, I as you and I as us all as one. Biotic is defined as; relating to, or resulting from living things, especially in their ecological relations. Pretty much any living thing. Hence, victory and praise for the most high for everything living.

SandwichTell us about the dance music scene in Orlando and how it’s evolved in recent years.
Orlando is poppin’ right now! Anything you’re into, you can find here with some of the best quality ever. I’ve been steadily involved in the underground dance music scene out here since about ’07. Back then there was only one club I’d go to and dance my ass off to straight hard tech house and techno, but on a progressive tip. Before that, there has always been good music out here. We were home of the sickest breaks scene back in the day and good dance music is expected here ever since. Fast forward to now, and there’s the best of all niches of dance music at several venues. Anything you want and the best of it like I said. Come to Orlando and have a good time, to all of you reading, you won’t be disappointed. As of now, after my residency at Sound Bar Orlando was done and they were sold, the only place I go to for a true underground and deep experience is at Sandwich Bar. I throw parties there regularly.

What’s the philosophy behind your record label, Mos Gyegst?
Mos Gyegst is all about providing nothing but sound, art, parties, apparel and inspiration for everyone with the most positive and highest of vibrations from the best quality our hearts can serve.

Your latest release on the label, Cubensis from the Amazon, is getting massive support from big time DJs like Paco Osuna, Atnarko, Mark Starr and more. Tell us about the concept behind the release.
This release was put together by Sage Armstrong and I to basically have an EP from solely the hearts behind the label and just experiment. We have a track from Sage, one from myself and one from both of us as a collaboration. We’re expressing ourselves through music, translating our influences and inspirations with the aim to make people lose it on the dance floor. In my eyes, hopefully that will inspire everyone to do something awesome. But that same intention is exactly what’s behind this release, our label, and everything I do.

Tell us a little bit about the mix you made for us
This mix is actually a live set that I recorded at a very eclectic party I was invited to headline this summer. It definitely takes you on a ride across a broad spectrum of grooves and genres. Hard, unpredictable and bassy! Hope y’all dig it 🙂 You can check out my latest Beatport chart, Summa Anthems ’15, which includes a few tracks I played in this mix. 

Any upcoming releases and tour dates our readers should know about?
I have a few releases in the future coming out on Mos Gyegst for sure and as well as some that are under wraps for now that I can’t wait to leak when I can. In the mean time I’ll be playing my monthly at Sandwich Bar called The Network which encompasses the best of local underground art, music and food. I’ll be out west this fall and I’ll be posting dates and releases on my social media so stay tuned and connected <3

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