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Posted by on May 22, 2015 in Featured, Interviews, Music | 0 comments

Sounds of Detroit: ADMN

Sounds of Detroit: ADMN


Alexander Drazin is one of Detroit’s best kept DJ secrets, but not for long! The quiet giant is a humble guy, but his presence is made known as he steps up to the decks. Mixing an eclectic blend of techno and deep house full of booty-shaking beats, Alex is set to soar to new heights with his infectious DJ sets. Growing up playing instruments and eventually going into the IT field, Alex had the perfect mixture of a music theory and technological background that lead him to electronic music production. In his music lies a dichotomy between his left brain and right brain, with the structure of his music sounding very systematic but the singular components of each track embracing his artistic side. With his growing momentum, he has garnered support from Detroit production powerhouse Paxahau with his artist debut at this year’s Movement Electronic Music Festival. We caught up with ADMN ahead of his Movement weekend to learn more about his background, and ask him about the festival, which he has been attending since its inception.

RP: Tell us about the name ADMN.
I’m a network engineer by day and I’ve been an assistance admin for about over a decade…it also has my initials in it (AD) so it just kind of made sense.

Has music always been a part of your life? Or was it easy to get into because you’re an engineer?
There’s a surprising amount of producers that are computer engineers or engineering in some form.

Why do you think that is?
I think it has to do with routing and understanding signal flow. A lot of producing is understanding how all the devices—whether you use plugins or hardware—are routing through the mixer or how it’s interfacing with your computer.

How did you get into producing yourself? Musical background?
I played piano for a few years then got into trumpet – played that for 8 years and bass for 12 years. I was in and out of bands for years. Techno has always been near and dear to my heart. I used to play rock shows then immediately head to a rave after the gig. I’m done with rock bands for now, techno is a bit easier because you have less people to interface with and you can work on your own.

What’s your musical style?
Deep, funky, techno that is bassline driven, heavy on the subs with a hint of house.

You mentioned that you’ve been going to Movement for 15 years (this will be year 16). Tell us about that experience and what it’s like to now be playing the festival after attending for so long.
Just knowing how the festival has progressed, I feel privileged and honored to play this event. I’ve been going to Movement for half of my life so I’m pretty excited to be able to play. It’s been an ancillary goal of mine but I had no idea if it would ever come to fruition.

Any afterparties you’re playing at Movement?
I play the eve of Movement from 2:00-3:00 a.m. at the Full Support party at M!X.  Then I play on the 6th stage at Movement from 2:00-4:00 p.m. on Monday. Finally I’m opening at Populux Detroit Monday night with MK b2b Lee Foss, Gorgon City and more.

Tell us about a couple of recent releases:
I had a track released on the Miami Sleaze 2015 compilation and I did a remix for Worthy’s “Dark Bridges” song on Anabatic Records, also had recent releases on Perfect Driver Music, Grooverdose Records, and Slur.

What’s the future of ADMN/where do you see this going?
Building a live set- DJing with use of live bass or bringing in musicians (love to bring a drummer to do live stuff) and do something with midi triggers. We’ll see, time will tell.

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