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Posted by on Oct 13, 2015 in Featured, Interviews, Music | 0 comments

Spotlight On: Geddes

Spotlight On: Geddes

Pic 3One of London’s finest exports and purveyors of its scene is Geddes. He’s been making serious waves for over a decade, playing a variety of important roles, from DJ and producer to booker of two important party brands and manager of two labels. His groovy techno-house crossover sounds have been featured on labels such as Mobilee, Leftroom, and Tsuba and he’s had quite the summer playing festivals and landmark clubs across the globe. His legacy is far from over as Nofitstate continues to blossom into a renowned brand. We got to catch up with Geddes to find out more about his latest releases, favorite gigs, and much more!

RP: Hey Geddes! Thanks for chatting with us today. How’s it going?
SG: Not too bad thanks this morning. It’s pouring with rain in London but you get used to that when heading into winter months.

We hear you’re in the studio – what are you currently working on?
I’ve just finished an EP for Decay Records, all last week was spent mixing that down and making sure I was completely happy before it went off to be mastered. This week I’ve started some new ideas which I’m super happy with.

We seriously dig your latest EP on Truesoul, On The Streets. What inspired you while you were making it?
Not too sure really I never specifically set out with a particular goal or desired sound they just came out naturally I guess. “LDNF” is my favourite from the EP and it sounds awesome in the club.

Do you think it’s getting harder for people to find new quality music?
I think so especially with the way the digital market is right now, it’s too easy for people to release music and the quality control isn’t there, even with vinyl too. It takes a while shifting through the rubbish before reaching the good stuff.

You recently played at Found Festival and Fabric London, awesome! What have been some of your favorite gigs of the year so far?
The Fabric gig was really amazing, it’s such a great feeling playing in the main room there, I love the Allen & Heath V6 mixer and the sound is next level. The Found gig was also really cool, the tent was packed with a good energy about it.

What’s your favorite place to play – club, festival, warehouse, or other and why?
This year it has to be the Labyrinth at Secret Garden party such a cool little stage tucked away in the woods, proper intimate vibe with a great sound system and the party people, even in the rain it rocks!

You’ve been a huge contribution to London’s underground scene for many years. How would you describe it now and how has it most changed since you first got involved?
It’s changed a lot since I started out. I’d say the music has reached more people in the city so there is lots going on which is good but there isn’t so much the magic of a small scene happening. London is such a mecca for business people and property development is taking over our city and the cultural pockets, pushing the very things like music out. Venues are hard to come by without them existing in built up areas where neighbours can complain about the noise.

We saw you played at Burning Man 2014 – how was that experience for you?
Yeah was wicked I’ve played there a few times now. It’s an endurance test on so many levels but also a magical experience too.

What do you think of the US scene and how does it differ from Europe’s?
I think the audience is a little more serious in Europe, which is neither here nor there to be honest, just an observation 🙂

998567_503720556378806_1547091699_nTell us a little about your brand Nofitstate. The concept of a label/event planning hybrid is so neat! What are your main goals with it?
The concept of the label is to share forward thinking music that inspires us to create, the events are again to share a unique space where we can be a tribe, be one and together away from the constraints of modern living. It’s our escapism.

You’ve worn a lot of hats in the industry, DJ, producer, booker, label head… What do you most want to inspire people to do?
It doesn’t mater what you do as long as you do it well. Follow your heart and be true to yourself, it’s a life long road and one we need to enjoy. It’s taken me a while to get to a place in my life that’s quite comfortable but I’m enjoying everything that I’m involved with right now, most of all my studio time is most satisfying.
Thanks for your time, have a blast in the studio, can’t wait to hear what’s next!
Thanks! Take care.

Keep up to date with all things Geddes by following him on Twitter, Instagram, and Beatport.


To our readers in London, please consider attending this very special event Geddes is hosting this weekend:

Dance For Humanity
by Toi Toi Musik, No Fit State at Shapes, Hackney
Line-up: Very Special Guests, Geddes, Voigtmann, Unai Trotti

dance for humanity

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