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Posted by on Oct 6, 2015 in Featured, Interviews, Music | 0 comments

Spotlight On: The Junkies

Spotlight On: The Junkies

Championing dancefloors with various shades of techno for over a decade, Toronto-based duo The Junkies are leaving their imprint on audiences world-wide with their sleek mixes and high quality productions. Their self-described sound, “new school tech,” is hard-hitting and keeps listeners wanting more on the floor. This fall their talents take them across South America and the U.S., and culminates with a scary 2-day techno Halloween party in Toronto. We recently caught up with the Canadian duo to learn about their branded sound, Toronto’s music scene, upcoming gigs and more. Enjoy!


RP: Hi Valentino and Vincenzo! What have you guys been up to this summer? Share some of the highlights!
Hello Robotic Peacock!  Thank you for having us.  Summer 2015 has been a busy one as usual.  Aside from the usual hectic studio schedule we have had some amazing shows across the world including New York, Chicago, Chile, Houston, Miami, Denver, Barcelona, Munich and Calabria. One of the highlights for us this summer would have to be our beloved Electric Island in Toronto back in August.

How did you guys meet and where did you guys come up with the name The Junkies?
We met through mutual friends back in high school.  At the time we weren’t a duo, but good friends.  As time progressed and we found ourselves playing the same parties together and borrowing each other’s music, we decided why not join forces.  The Junkies was a child of our original name The Vinyl Junkies.  History shows vinyl was slowly phased out and we were already using The Junkies for our productions, The Junkies was an easy decision for us.

You describe your sound as new school tech, what does that mean to you? How do you define new school tech?
New School Tech for us is a sound that best describes us.  Our sets usually can go many ways and we tend to jump between different styles.  It’s a staple of our DJ sets, we don’t necessarily stick to one sound but rather a blend between many different genres; techno, tech house, deep house, whatever we feel works the crowd on the floor.

You’ve been an essential part of Toronto’s nightlife for the past decade. How has it changed since you first came onto the scene?
Well to be honest aside from the birth of the mega festivals in Toronto and some clubs closing and opening there isn’t much that has changed.  Obviously there are some great new venues like Coda & Nest that have opened and venues like Footwork & The Guvernment that have closed.  But Toronto itself is and always has been a forward thinking city when it comes to dance music, built on strong local talent (Addy, Manzone & Strong, Joee Cons, Dekoze, Flipside, Jonathan Rosa, Nitin, Chris Larsen and so many more) and great promoters (WLP, SoundMind, Floh, Balance, LC-PR and more).  Plus we have so many amazing exports that always rep the city like Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, Art Department and My Favorite Robot.  But it’s most definitely the partygoers and scenesters that make this city so amazing.

LocalWe noticed your label Local Music hasn’t released music in a couple of years, any plans to resurrect it?
It’s definitely something we would like to do at some point down the road.  We both loved being able to run our own label and break new artists that we wanted to expose.  However right now our schedules are too hectic to give it our 100%.

You recently announced that you will be transferring all of your tracks from Soundcloud to Mixcloud, ultimately what led you to make the switch?
Mixcloud seems a little more stable right now.  Soundcloud is always super sketchy, lol…

Any upcoming releases our readers should know about?
Lots of new tracks are in the oven waiting to come out.  Look out for originals on Sci+Tec, Intec, Mood and Tronic.  Also remixes on Transmit, KD RawKraftek and more…

Are there any upcoming tour dates you’re looking forward to?
Our fall/winter tour schedule is filling up nicely.  We are super excited about Sci+Tec showcases in South America as well as a few Union shows in the U.S, South America, and our annual New Years show in Toronto. Plus, we look forward to our next residency night at Coda in October and Halloween night in Toronto.

monster mash

Follow the Junkies on Mixcloud for more techy goods!!

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