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Posted by on Feb 15, 2017 in Biz/Tech, Music, Reviews |

Tech Review: DJ TechTools Chroma Caps

Tech Review: DJ TechTools Chroma Caps

If you’re looking for a sleek, easy way to up your DJ game look no further than DJ TechTools’ Chroma Caps (and Knobs and Faders). These small but mighty additions to your rig allow for greater visibility and control of your gear – something that every DJ can appreciate.

Our friends at DJ TechTools let us pick out caps for our Pioneer DJM2000Nexus, and we chose the glow in the dark and green. Both popped easily onto the mixer and the benefits were instantly received. The colors shine and the tactile response is much greater than the boring factory black knobs, allowing for more dynamic transitions.

We’ve played several gigs out with them already, and the colors have definitely make an impact in every club. Every DJ knows to expect a dark booth and/or lights shining directly in their face pretty much everywhere, which can mean an extra layer of mental process time to figure out which knob is which or mistakes that could’ve been avoided. Especially during a 4-deck set, the added visual component makes it easier to discern what’s what – one less thing to think about when you’re focused on cuing up the next track for the smiling dance floor!

DJ TechTools just released the MK2 version of the faders, which will fit the Pioneer DJM models, so we can’t wait to try those on for size as well. They also have 0 and 270 degree super knobs that fit a wide variety of other mixers and controllers, so check out their page and talk to a chat agent to find out what’s best for your rig.

Check out this video for more info, and visit DJ TechTools to stay up to date with their latest goods!