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Posted by on Jun 16, 2014 in Featured, Music, Reviews |

Album Review: Tempelhof & Gigi Masin – Hoshi

Album Review: Tempelhof & Gigi Masin – Hoshi

We’ve grown to love expecting the unexpected from Hell Yeah Recordings, and their latest offering by the dynamic Italian trio of Tempelhof (the duo who stunned us with their last LP Frozen Dancers) and Gigi Masin (well-known composer, director, and musician) is like closing your eyes and escaping into a jewel-toned dreamworld of sonic bliss. From start to finish, the album captivates with its use of dimension, layering, and subtlety. Hoshi is an organic sound experiment gone right, a pure expression of character via instruments both natural and synthesized.

The album’s intro, “Jolla,” warms up the listener to the proceeding tracks with gentle guitar, piano, and vocal tones. “The Dwarf” follows, enveloping the listener in chords akin to waves of sound gently crashing on an ocean shore. Deeper in, rich soundscapes come into play in tracks like the moody “Interstellar Bop” with its spacey and jazzy shuffled groove and the inquisitive “Joe Jordan” with its warm analog backbone and delightfully scattered percussion hits. Emotions are characterized via sounds, and the wide range of both make for an engaging listening experience. It’s at times playful, at times serious, and consistently encourages the listener to look beyond the obvious. Hoshi closes with the beautifully haunting “She Left Home,” which starts with a minimalistic piano composition and adds in echoing arpeggios, gliding through a range of feelings before reaching an ending up for interpretation.

Hoshi hits the sweet spot between music made for musicians, which is often quite stuffy and alienates the majority of the population, and music aimed for the club, which often lacks any kind of substance. It’s a delight to listen to; both classically-trained ears and dance music fan’s ears can find things to latch onto in the album. Hoshi is available digitally and on 180 gram vinyl on June 18th. You can pre-order it here.


HYR7139 by Andrea Amaducci

Hoshi (Hell Yeah Recordings)

01. Jolla
02. The Dwarf
03. My Velvet Book
04. Red Venus
05. Interstellar Bop
06. Buena Onda
07. Silver Wave
08. Joe Jordan
09. Bow Down
10. She Left Home